Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She's The Real Winner

Looks like the beauty pageants have been hijacked by the Left. Looks like brainless submission to political correctness is a determinant of whether a woman wins or not.

The real winner, in my view, is the one who dared to say the politically incorrect thing in response to a question by someone we all know would naturally be pissed to not get the answer he wanted.

Beauty. Brains. And courage. A winning combination, albeit not officially, but who cares what the Leftist judges think anyway?

"I have no regrets about answering honestly. [Perez Hilton] asked me for my opinion and I gave it to him. I have nothing against gay people, and I didn't mean to offend anyone in my answer."

Hilton, however, appeared highly offended in a YouTube video he made shortly after the contest's conclusion, calling her a "dumb b-----" and claiming she had given "the worst answer in pageant history."

Prejean, who ultimately finished as top runner-up in the contest, losing the crown to Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton, admits she was upset by Hilton's rant, but also says she has received an outpouring of support.

"I've gotten over 500 Facebook friend requests, hundreds of messages from people I don't know, saying how proud of me they are that I stood my ground," she said. "That made me the real winner of the night."

Never forget... you have every right to have an opinion of your own, and no one has any right to tell you what your opinion has to be. If having your own opinion makes somebody mad, so be it. What's worse than making some super-insecure, hypersensitive individual mad that you have a mind of your own would be to submit like a wimp to a conditionally-nice bully who will only like you if you agree with him, if you go his way, etc.

Compromising one's values and beliefs isn't worth a piece of head jewellery and a silly little title. Staying true to one's self is what really matters. When we allow others to intimidate us into saying things we really don't agree with, well, that weakens us.

We have every right to our opinion, and to express it openly. This is a given. So what if some folks don't like it? So what???

Classy, tolerant fellow, that Perez Hilton, calling someone a "dumb b...." just because she didn't provide the answer he wanted.