Monday, April 27, 2009

Israel To 'Palestine': Recognize Jewish Israel Or No Deal

Story here.

"The Palestinians cannot negotiate for a two-state solution where one is Palestinian and the other is Palestinian-to-be," he said. "This is essential; it is the choice between ending the conflict or failing to end the conflict."

A ministry statement said that "recognizing Israel as the sovereign state of the Jewish people is a crucial and necessary stage in the historical reconciliation process between Israelis and the Palestinians. The sooner the Palestinians internalize this basic fact, the sooner the peace between our nations will progress."

Refusal on the part of "Palestine" to accept and formally recognize Israel as a sovereign Jewish State will be nothing short of, and nothing else but, final, concrete proof that "Palestine" is nothing but xenophobically anti-Semitic, precisely like the Nazis. Why should the International Community then give "Palestine" the time of day, if it wouldn't do it for neo-Nazis from Germany or anywhere else?

Also, anyone who sides with "Palestine" against Israel must realize that they're siding with anti-Semites. And that they might as well side with neo-Nazis while they're at it. Not much difference, really, for anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism, regardless of who's practicing it.