Saturday, April 25, 2009

Inconvenient Truth For Ignatieff Liberals

The inconvenient truth in question is that the Harper Conservative government has been doing an admirable job, not a bad job, of managing the nation's finances, certainly at least in contrast to what the Ignatieff Liberals and the awfully pro-Liberal Big Media have been accusing.

For the month of February, the Department of Finance said it recorded a surplus of $823 million, down from the $3 billion posted in the year-ago period -- but much better than the $37-million surplus in January.

Of course, this doesn't mean all things fiscal and econimic are rosy. Not at all, obviously.

We can expect a significant deficit over the coming months, of course, owing to the recession, caused by the Left-Wing Extremists (first brought forth under Clinton, then allowed to continue under Bush, who didn't defuse the ticking financial-economic time bomb) in the United States, with their misguided, stupid, communistic policies regarding forcing financial institutions to lend money to people who couldn't afford to repay it.

And then there's the "stimulus" deficit spending that the Canadian Left-Wing Extremists (the Liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois) demanded, or else they'd overthrow the government in a coup against the wishes of Canadians. If I was Prime Minister, I'd have stood my ground against the "Coalition" of Left-Wing Extremists and ridden a tidal wave of popularity of anti-coup sentiment, wherever it ended up. Yes, I'd have played chicken with those socialist bastards. If they backed down, I'd then deal with the economic problems in a sane, safe-over-the-long-run way, stimulating without going too far and panicking, like the Obama Dems in the U.S. with their multi-trilliondollar, largely-permanent deficit spending spree on mostly pork and global socialism that threatens (or, as I actually believe probable, is deliberately designed) to break America. If the socialist bastards had actually usurped my government, then they would be in serious trouble with the Canadian People who made it extremely, loudly clear to them they didn't want them to do that, and, in the next election, I would ride an unprecedented wave of popularity to a strong majority victory. Yep, that's what I'd have done.

You know, the recession is not the Harper Conservatives' fault. Nor is the imminent deficit. It's stupid to blame them, for it's beyond their control. But still, there's plenty of wasteful spending yet to be slashed, and slash it we must.

Ignatieff says we'll have to raise taxes once the recession is over. Bullshit. When the recession is over, then we turn off the temporary deficit "stimulus" spending, of course. That, plus rising revenues due to economic recovery, plus cutting wasteful spending by billions, will take care of the deficit. There will be no need to raise taxes. Stupid Ignatieff. What, is Mo Strong puppeteering him, as George Soros puppeteers Obama? (Of course, Strong and Soros are themselves willing, greedy puppets of foreign, evil neo-Communist totalitarian regimes, who are pretty much richly compensating them to be traitors to their own countries and to destroy the Western World in favor of international socialism (dictatorship by the few, with limited, if any, rights and limited, if any, democracy for the many), obviously, at least in my own view, anyway, for which I'll naturally be derided, but, hey, you know, Winston Churchill was derided, too, when he warned about the hidden-in-plain-sight Nazi agenda, though not for too long, as we well know!).

The Liberals only want to raise taxes because they want to grow the size of the Nanny State; they want to follow in Obama's international-socialistic footsteps and so on and so forth. We don't want any of that crap, none of the national gestapo, none of the censorship, none of the unconstitutionally-coercive fascism, none of the appeasement of our mortal enemies, none of the turning-of-our-backs-on-our-friend-Israel, none of the bowing in submission to evil slavemaster kings, none of the insulting Special Olympians, none of the persecution of political dissenters, none of the so on and so forth that's happening in Obamerica now, which the Liberals want to impose on Canada and must NOT be allowed to, meaning we must NOT vote for those crooked, corrupt, international-socialist bastards!

As for the Big, Liberal-Protecting, Conservative-Bashing Media, well, what can I say? They're hard at work trying to screw with the "news"-consumers' heads to create the perception that Harper and the Conservatives are somehow bad, inept, lame-duck, about to split up and all that bullcrap... haven't you noticed all the negative-sounding stories they've been pushing out of their hineys so fast and furious as if there's no tomorrow? Simultaneously, they do stories that attempt to screw with "news"-consumers' minds to forge the illusion of greatness and approval for Ignatieff and the Liberals. All this stuff the Big Media's spewing, it's all crap! And it's working, as now the Liberals are tied with the Conservatives in the polls, proving that the psychological/perceptual manipulation and misinformation campaign is working. Goebbels would approve.

Just like in the U.S. with the Big Media's incessant slobbering over Obama no matter how badly he fecks up every damn day, plus their demonization of, not just the GOP, but also of the American People, with one shameful example in the
CNN's barely-closeted, flamingly-homosexual Anderson Cooper, a biased Left-Wing Extremist, very obviously, accusing them all, with his unprofessionally, unacceptably foul pottymouth, of a really silly, bizarre "sex" act most commonly practiced by guys like him. And who could forget that stubbornly-biased CNN chick who dismissed the million-strong protestors as just a bunch of Republican activists or whatever and actually made them mad at her right where and when she said it? Well, the CNN wants us to forget that that happened. Anyway, the Big Media's reaction, both in the U.S. and in Canada, to the big-news Tea Parties across America to protest Obama's Regime, well, it proved for once and for all, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Old Big Media is extremely biased and cannot be trusted!