Monday, April 27, 2009

Ignatieff Book 'Slim & Disappointing'

Kinda like Iggy himself, eh?

(...) a slim and disappointing brochure intended to advertise the author's apparently incontestable Canadian pedigree.

Blah, eh?

Sounds like a boring read by a pretentious pseudo-intellectual eager to babble about how impressive he and his ancestors are. As if doing so will impress many voters.

Hardly something that'd inspire folks to vote for the guy.

Come to think of it, Obama is also slim and dissapointing. Maybe Iggy's just copying his massively-overrated, terribly inept, blatantly inexperienced and clueless idol. Copying Obama seems to be all he's capable of doing. Obama wrote books about himself, too, you know...

That considered, Canada doesn't want a devoid-of-substance, left-wing extremist, Obama-copycat Prime Minister. Hell, no!