Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harper Was Right About Stock Bargains

Reader Orville writes:

We all recall how Harper was criticized, and the object of much derision by Liberals, and many in the media, when he suggested last November that there were some good buys in the stock market - you recall that I am sure.

Today there are dozens upon dozens of stocks that have increased 30% and higher - pretty nice return. There are piles more of stocks that are up 10% and higher - wonderful return for a 6 month investment.

Where are the political pundits hiding now that were so quick to criticize Harper for his statement then and now don't have the courage and honesty to say and write that Harper was right - there were a lot and I mean a lot of good buys (this is now a proven fact) in the market last November. The turn around might have happened even earlier if it wasn't for all the doom and gloom that was spread around by politicians and the media which didn't give the investor any confidence - it certainly didn't help.

Of course, when stocks are way down and undervalued due to some kind of shock and panic selling, it's a good time to buy a bunch of diverse stocks, for, after all, stock of sound companies that flucutates one way will fluctuate the other way, generally. That's all Harper really meant to point out. It was dumb of his Left-Wing Extremist political opponets to throw all that crap at him, and that goes double for the Big Leftist Media.

The pundits of the Big Leftist Media, instead of issuing mea culpas and praising Harper for his economic acumen, which continues to this day, aside from the temporary deficit-spending budget which the Left demanded and blackmailed him into bringing forth, though he's not getting any credit for his continuing relatively (compared to pretty much the rest of the world and compared to how the Liberals would do it if they were in power) sound management of the government and economy.

It's not reasonable to expect perfection of PM Harper. After all, the Left and the Big Leftist Media don't expect it of President Obama, do they? Hell no- they forgive Obama's every screwup, flub, flipflop, broken promise, offensive slur, breach of protocol, arrogance, dictatorial style, closed-mindedness and all-around ineptness. They're not being fair. Why is it that leftists can do everything wrong and get away with it while conservatives do most things as well as they can given circumstances but get blasted as if they were doing as badly as the leftists are?