Friday, April 10, 2009

Chairman O Flipflops On War Funding


He voted against it when Bush did it.

Now he's doing it.


Obama = Bush.

Just as "warlike".

But the Big Media won't bash Obama like they bashed Bush, nor will the Democrats. And the community organizers won't put together lunatic-leftist "protests" to call Obama "Hitler", either. After all, all that crap we saw the Left do during Bush's Presidency, it was all just partisan and ideological and hypocritical, much like Barack Hussein Obama, not that he knows what he's doing, not at all. Only his puppetmasters know what they're doing.

Wonder if Carolyn "Damn Americans, I hate the bastards" Parrish, former Liberal MP, still hates the "American bastards"? After all, look, see, Obama is just as much a "warlike man" as was Bush. Will she stomp on a voodoo doll of Obama on "This Hour Has 22 Minutes"? What, is Carolyn going to be so blinded by Obama's artificial radiance that she'll forget what she supposedly stands against? Meh. I betcha she'll just go home and play with a battery-powered vibraty toy that looks like Obama...