Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama Hurting National Security: Former CIA Head

Well, I think we knew that.

But here's a tidbit for the Big Media to chew on.

Not that it will, for it will not do and say anything to make their false deity look bad in the eyes of the People. Why? Because they want the destructive socialist agenda of Hardcore-Extremist-Left-Wing-Teabagging Puppetmaster-Overlord George Soros and of America's evil, hateful, murderous, Extreme-Left-Wing foreign enemies to succeed in destroying America as we know it so that by the time of the next Presidential election we won't recognize the country. See-it, there may not be elections anymore, as Obama might sign an Executive Order to abolish democracy, saying that he finds them "unhealthy" and "inconvenient", just as he refers to the Constitution, which he obviously doesn't want getting in the way of his Socialist-Fascist Puppetmasters' agenda.

The Big Media would rather go on and on about the partisan gobbleddygook of Obamite propagandists as if it was the truth. About that particular piece of teabagging Left-Wing Extremist gobbleddygook, I'd throw back at those dumbass teabaggers that their stuff is what's actually "unhealthy" and would call them anti-Constitution, anti-democratic, anti-rights and anti-American-People. How dare they dismiss the views of the American Mainstream (one million strong for the Tea Party protest, just like the number of Chinese who marched upon Tiananmen Square in favor of democracy and human rights) so cavalierly? Bush never did that, no matter how loudly the Extreme Left called him a monster or a devil, saying, instead, hey, enjoy your rights and freedoms [while you still have them, for once you elect Obama, you'll lose them, even if you're on his side].

Well, that'll be my Anti-Left-Wing-Extremism rant for now...