Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fat People Blamed For Global Warming

Photo: Fat Albert Gore

Now, that's an inconvenient truth.

Hey, you know, Al Gore is fat, in addition to owning big houses, big vehicles and flying on jets all the time. And in addition to spewing greenhouse gas when he bullshits us.

So maybe Al Gore will say, "Fat people are responsible for destroying the planet! They must therefore stop being fat! They eat a lot, therefore they fart a lot of CO2! They're huge, heavy, have a high coefficient of drag, so simply walking around causes them to rapidly guzzle all that energy and exhaust more and more CO2! Fat folks are obviously the full-size SUVs of people!"


Yep. If Al Gore was a consistent person who doesn't self-contradict, then he'd launch into a fiery, Ahmadinesque tirade, blaming fat people for all the world's problems and declaring war on fatness to save the world.

Nah. He won't. 'Cause it's too inconvenient for him, personally. He likes to be fat. He likes to eat like the pig he is. He likes to bloviate all sorts of greenhouse gases. So he won't shoot himself in the fat foot, even if it means looking like he's making everything up and doesn't really care worth beans about the world. It's all about scamming and scaring and making big bucks by spewing foul hot air, folks.

WTF next???

ht: Drudge Report