Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama Steering US Towards Disaster

Story here. The Big Media won't tell it like it is, so World Net Daily will. There's an audio embed for your listening convenience.

As President Obama approaches his first 100 days in office, America's fiscal health is "not good and deteriorating," according to David Walker, former U.S. comptroller general and former drector of the Government Accountability Office.


"What we've got to do is put our own financial house in order. Once we start turning the corner on the economy, we need to do what we've asked G.M., Chrysler and others to do," he says.

"We need a transformation and restructuring plan, because this country has been living beyond its means for too long."

Obama and the Democrats show no signs of doing this, or of even thinking of it. They're going in the opposite direction. They don't care about the future consequences of breaking the bank, of bankrupting America. One therefore wonders if this is a core component of their hidden agenda, which includes Global Socialism and Global Governance and their imposition without the consent and without the consultation of the American People.

Of course, they're just puppets of wealthy, powerful, obsessive figures like George Soros, who, in turn, I suspect, is a puppet of foreign neo-Communist totalitarian regimes who hate America and the way she is and want to change her to be like their own awful regimes so they won't have to be made to look bad to their populations anymore and won't have to worry about pressure to democratize, end corruption and respect human rights and the rule of law.

Our enemies, the neo-Communists and Islamofascists, hate America because America, as is also Canada, who is very, very similar in pretty much every way, is superior to their awful, totalitarian regimes and makes them look bad to their populations, which makes it increasingly difficult to control them, for when the People see something better (like America and Canada), they realize that they can have (yes we can!) something better, then they'll begin to demand it. No wonder such regimes are so brutally intolerant of dissent and seek to brainwash everyone to believe Party Doctrine only and forbid, backed with threat of torture, imprisonment and death, any other belief and value system. Also, it's no wonder that the Obama Regime looks a lot like those regimes do, seeing as how the Obamanian DHS has targeted political and ideological dissenters for surveillance and potential persecution and has had its comrades in the Media of Mass Deception (MMD) ignore, lie about and utter infantile vulgarities about the million-strong, cross-partisan, pan-American Tea Party Protests against the Obama-Democrat Regime. And that's just the beginning...

But back to the fiscal matter at hand. The Democrats and Obama are just spending like drunken left-wing extremists, rewarding their cronies everywhere under cover of "stimulus" spending in the trillions of dollars, much of which appears set to be permanent.