Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Went On TV Just To Show Off Self Again


He's an attention hogger. No doubt about it. He craves the spotlight. Likes to hear himself saying stuff in public.

What was the critically important reason for interrupting peoples' expected show to babble at them about nothing?

Meh. He just went blahblahblahblah.

Now, here's what he should have admitted a little bit more often when he was begging for votes last year:

"I'm not a miracle worker. We've got a lot of tough choices and hard decisions and hard work ahead of us," Obama said. "I want to warn you, there will be setbacks. It will take time."

Nooooo! But... but... you're The One!!! You're omnipotent! You have magical powers! WTF?! You mean to tell us that you're just a guy in a suit with a teleprompter and an obsessive media kissing your bum just because some rich guy tells them to?

What a dissapointment. He didn't work any miracles. There's no magic. WTF?!

Apparently he's just a man, a mere mortal. He puts his skidmarked-like-everybody-else's Spider-Man Underoos on one leg at a time, too. He has to take a dump just like everyone else. And, yes, it stinks, like everybody else's. Really, he's no better than you and me. He's just lucky to have the coolest job in the history of the world in which he has half of humanity kiss his ass just because they're told they ought to do so. Wouldn't it be cool to have a job like that?


What he is is just an asshole who looks good on TV and on the cover of the Obama-fixated magazine TIME (all the time... yep, all Obama all the time) and every other magazine in the whole gosh-darned world each and every gosh-darned month. He's really just a pompous, arrogant asshole with a great talent for turning teleprompter words into verbal golden diarrhea. And bending over for Islamofascist tyrants and giddily pallin' around with socialist dictators who hate America. And witchhunting Republicans and ideological dissenters as if they were enemies of the state or suspected members of Al Qaeda (somebody should tell him, apparently for the first time ever, that there's a horrible, murderous group out there called Al Qaeda and they killed and are killing lots of people everywhere).


And he's shown his true color:
Socialist-fascist. This cannot be denied, except by those in denial.

What has he accomplished? Anyone? Well, he said (via his Brownshirted Ernst Roehm-type proxy, Janet Napolitano) that anyone who doesn't believe in him is an infidel "Right-Wing Extremist" dog and that jihad must be waged against them.


He (or at least his puppetmaster, the feeling-no-guilt Nazi-collaborator George Soros) wants to impose a declared-as-unconstitutional-by-a-Supreme-Court-Judge "Fairness Doctrine" to shut up dissenters who dare to have a point of view inconvenient to his radically extreme transformational agenda. He couldn't care less about the U.S. Constitution (he knows he's not qualified under it to be President, as he hasn't proven that he was born in America, and, inexplicably, enjoys a frightening conspiracy of silence from the Big Media and even many opponents, who, for some scary unknown reason, keep their mouths shut about wanting to see his REAL birth certificate which would be admissible as proof of actual physical location of place of birth, not simply where said birth was registered).

He's now brought forth legislation to persecute Christians and others (but not Muslims- that's not going to be on the state apparatus's agenda, for Muslims are held above all other groups, without exception, obviously) for their beliefs. He's elevating a whole new class of people over all others (except Muslims, who will, in practice, be allowed to dis howsoever they please, the special folks who now enjoy new special status).

Even as his aides dismissed the hoopla surrounding his 100th day in office as an artificial media construct, the White House used the occasion to seize the bully pulpit and to tout his efforts to reshape the American economy and foreign policy.

Mr. Obama organized a campaign-style town hall meeting in Missouri and then - for the third time since taking office - commandeered an hour of prime time network television for a live news conference to note the occasion.

Here comes one of his Biggest Lies:

"There's no mystery to what we've done," Mr. Obama said. "You may not always agree with me, but ... we're doing what we said we'd do."

Those who have been watching closely and using their own brains, as opposed to those who merely glance at manipulative, partially-dishonest headlines and listen to the likes of the Left-Wing-Extremist CNN, MSNBC and others (who, in unprofessional, adolescent-style, falsely accused a million dissenters of being practitioners of a certain bizarre homoerotic activity to try to discredit them and their message of opposition to the extremist, Obama-Soros agenda)... Well those keen and sharp folks who have resisted the incessant blitzing of the unstoppable, gargantuan, unavoidable Obama-Soros propaganda machine know that it's a Big Lie and that Obama couldn't have run further away from the inconvenient truth.



Note to Left-Wing Extremist Obama worshippers: Hey, shut up! You guys said far, far, far worse stuff about President Bush, so you're in no position to complain about this post!