Friday, May 01, 2009

Too Bad The Others Can't Legitimately Protest

...about this...

Because they conspired with the Bloc to form a "coalition regime" to usurp the duly-elected government just a few short months ago, so any accusations of "sleeping with the separatists/enemies of Canada" will only make them look stupid and hypocritical.

They actually wanted to literally give the Bloc a say, a veto, in fact, on how to run the whole of Canada, in which it doesn't even believe at all!

And current exalted-by-the-Liberal-protecting-Big-Media Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff actually signed a piece of paper indicating his formal consent to the whole wildly unpopular-and-reviled-by-Canadians plot, so his contention that he opposed it is nothing but pure, unadulterated... this.

And isn't this funny:

Liberals quickly shot down that idea.

Because just a few short months ago the Liberals were as desperate as this to get into the Bloc's pants!

Politics is funny, isn't it?

Especially when told through the filter of the Big Media, which can say whatever the feck, including pure, unadulterated this, that it wants and get away with it.

ht: National Newswatch