Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Trudeau Of Leader Ignatieff: He's Not Wise


Uh-oh. Dissention within the Liberal Caucus!

Son of former King of Liberal Soviet Canuckistan puts down current leader!

Infighting! Mutiny against the leader!

Will the Liberal Party fracture into two or more pieces?

Is Iggy's leadership over? Is it time to take his walk in the snow?

You know, the Big Media has been ranting like that about the Conservatives and Harper non-stop, attempting to manipulate Canadians into thinking negative stuff about them, thinking they suck and so on and so forth, by harping on every little insignificant rumor and little bit of hearsay from "unnamed sources" (who could be nothing more than the Big Media's imagination, as a matter of fact, as there's nothing stopping them from making stuff up in the first place from imaginary "sources").

Well, why don't they jump upon every little perceived-negative thing that happens with respect to the Liberals and Leader Ignatieff?

At least Stephen Taylor has, and so will I. Because the Liberal-protecting Big Media isn't interested in doing their job, in being fair and balanced.

Justin Trudeau said, translated from French...

With Ignatieff, he’s a bit all over at times. He says this, he says that, he contradicts himself. He doesn’t have the clarity that my father could have.

He maybe has the intelligence, but he does not have, maybe, the necessary wisdom.

Uh-oh... And this coming from a Trudeau, whom Liberals will, of course, follow like Obama!

Looks like Iggy may now have a leadership challenger.

And the Liberal Convention is coming up. Perhaps Justine said that to create some kind of buzz?

Wonder if Iggy will seek to have the little curly-haired, girly-man pipsqueak censored or something?

Wonder if the now-spooked Spooky Iggy will sic his "Shit From Hell"/"Prince Of Darkness" evil attack clown on Justine?

ht: Bourque Newswatch