Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Her Perfect Right

Miss California.

It's perfectly ok to publicly indicate that you believe that society is best served by marriage being restricted to a union between one man and one woman. It's everyone's right to say whatever they believe, and no one should give anyone hell for saying anything either politically incorrect or radically extreme social-reengineerist.

Of course, that's in a perfect world, in which we unfortunately don't live. That's why the Left will give us hell for standing up for what we believe in. And why we have to return the favor when the Left uses dishonesty and snakey rhetoric to get what it wants, to hell with the consequences for others.

In a perfect world, no one would be Leftist. Everyone would be right. But there'll never be a perfect world.

But I digress. So...

Those who demand proof that traditional marriage between a man and a woman is best for society's overall health must be stupid or something. It's obvious to anyone with a functioning brain how the institution of marriage is the foundation of all civilization. It's the glue that holds civilized society together. Without the glue of traditional marriage, civilization will fall apart. Anyone with a functioning brain can understand this, for it's obvious and fundamental. If they don't, then they've got a problem.

But socialists see traditional marriage as inconvenient to the socialist agenda, which is to do stupid, insane stuff that will end up destroying civilization, not that they care that that will happen, if they realize that it will. Therefore they've been hard at work undermining it however they could. Like with divorce. Like with "gay" marriage. Next thing you know, they'll demand legalization of polygamous marriage, or at least provide considerable assistance to polygamists who want to continue to be polygamists, and will go to court to get some Left-Wing Extremist judge to rule in their favor. You see, it's all about laziness and selfishness. And a refusal to accept the mainstream of society, a society's norms, traditions, values, customs, laws, etc... as they are. Socialists want to change all that to suit themselves and folks like them who believe they're somehow entitled to have whatever they want, whatever they feel like having. This is why they do all the crap they do. This is why they find the constitutions of free world nations to be inconvenient and why they seek to dishonestly transform them into alleged "living documents", why they get Leftist judges to rule according to agenda, not according to law. Etc., etc...

It's our right to express our opinion publicly, even it it's "right-wing". It's not just the Left who has a right to say what they want to say. And for folks to refuse to accept this right, to demonize us as "haters", "bigots", "extremists" or something like that, is downright rude and antisocial, but that's the nature of the Extreme Left. Besides, how can it possibly be "extreme" and "outside the mainstream" to stand up for traditional marriage? I mean, duh! Sheesh! It's the Left, who's extreme, who's practicing projection by calling their political-ideological opposition "extreme". It's not extreme to be conservative. In fact, conservatism is about moderation, calmness, rationality, logic, hindsight, foresight, etc... and the fringe Left, being the opposite of all that, is therefore the extreme party. They know it, which is why they try to project it onto us conservative, mainstream, average, majority of folks.

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