Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Massive Cross-Country Protest Against Obama's Policies

Story here.

Doesn't it make you laugh to hear the Left say that the Tea Party demonstators are all part of a "Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy"?

The Obamites and the Big Media will do whatever they can to discredit this perfectly legitimate protest action by regular Americans of all walks of life.

Why is it that when there's a protest that isn't a Hard-Left protest, the Big Media ignores it or slurs it as "right-wing"? What's up with that?

We know full well that those crazy Left-Wing protests which the Big Media always covers are not legitimate protests. This is because they're comprised of a bunch of brainless youth rounded up by "community organizers" and told to go and yell this, go and throw that, for the fun of it and so on and so forth. The youth never know what they're talking about, for they're operating as programmed automatons.

The Tea Party protest, on the other hand, is the real thing. And the Big Media has so far been ignoring it, not wanting the American People to realize that many Americans are sick and tired and fed up with the Obama Administration and its incredible, extreme, anti-American policies.