Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Move Afoot To Legalize Dope?

Betcha Barry'd like to be able to do it again... in public, man!


There has been an upsurge in Big Media stories talking about cannabis legalization as a way to stimulate the economy in America.

That's how they're going to sell it.

I smell the aroma of a big new left-wing movement just picking up steam.

The Big Media is always a part of it, running the propaganda and mass-deception for the Left.

Don't see it coming? Well, did y'all see the current frantic push for "gay" marriage coming? It just exploded onto the scene just like that, as if planned carefully by a lot of players.

Remember, stuff happens that we aren't supposed to know about. But if one watches things closely and sees patterns, one can figure out generally that something's probably afoot.

When the Big Media suddenly seems to be conspiring to cover a single issue, with very similar or identical talking points across the different media outlets... well, you figure it out. They're being pushed to make these reports and do these stories by certain interests out there who want certain things to be "marketed" to the public through the Media of Mass Deception. The Big Media appears to submit to these special Left-Wing Extremist interests quite willingly.

Don't be surprised to see more and more of this legalize-dope stuff in the future. People in suits will be singing its praises now, not just funny guys who resemble Tommy Chong.

Related: I did a post just this morning, linking to a shocking photojournalism essay exposing a university campus full of reefer-toking pothead students. In America. Not getting arrested. On a university campus. On April 20th, which seems to be some kind of special day for potheads. WTF? Anyway, here it is: Up In Smoke At Colorado U

Uh, oh, Obamerica... this is some disturbing shit, man!