Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Up In Smoke At Colorado U

Looking at how people learn in Obamerica.

It that appropriate for a university? Why does that university allow the possession and consumption of illegal substances on campus?

Of course... how can it be appropriate, as IT'S ILLEGAL?

How did this come to be, if it's ILLEGAL?

How can people learn stuff and learn to think for themselves if they're intoxicated all the time?

Maybe that's the idea??? Being high makes one more easily manipulable, after all. Makes them into useful idiots.

After all, if the People are stupid, they'll keep voting Democrat, right?

That's a lot of likely voters for Obama in '12, right there.

Expect the Obama Regime to encourage people to screw up their minds and have fun doing it. Expect them to vote for the guy who won't take their "fun" away.