Thursday, April 16, 2009

Massive Anti-Obama-Regime Protests Rock America

Behold! It's the "Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy" of "Right-Wing Extremists"... now in pictures! Come and see what these scary-scaries actually look like!


All images above are as seen on World Net Daily. Visit the links below for even more, so you can be sure that this isn't a figment of the imagination of a "right-wing extremist", as I'd be labelled by Obama's so-called Department of "Homeland Security", which no longer keeps an eye on real and potential foreign enemies inside and outside America, but rather keeps an eye on folks who don't agree with Obama's ultra-extreme, anti-America, neo-Communist, National/International Socialist, authoritarian/totalitarian pro-Global-Regime agenda.

Massive Protests Put Politicians on Notice

SACRAMENTO – Americans took to the streets to protest wasteful government spending today – with estimated crowd sizes of 5,000 to 10,000 in Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Olympia, Wash., Lansing, Mich., and Sacramento.


"We are leading a revolution, and this is the first day of that revolution," Meckler said. "Politicians will no longer be able to divide our nation. They are taking our money, and we aren't going to stand here and take it anymore."

With booming enthusiasm, the crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance and began wildly chanting, "USA, USA, USA!"


"In the 27 years since I came to this building, I have never seen a protest this large," McClintock said. "The silent majority is no longer silent."

One fellow who had just returned from Iraq said, of the Obama-Soros DHS policy that defames and targets returning veterans, amongst many other innocent, patriotic American citizens, as "potentially dangerous":

"I couldn't believe it," he said. "I'm the guy they're watching now? Give me a break!"

Chains we can believe in

"I have never in my entire life demonstrated, and I'm in my mid-sixties," she told WND. She said she was upset because lawmakers are "signing these bills giving out money. They haven't even read them."

Her message to Obama and Congress was simple: "Obey the Constitution, stop the bailouts and stop spending. Spend only what we have."


"In California, we were paying upwards of 70 percent of our income to the government in taxes," said Mrs. Dekker. "Seventy percent! That's socialism."


"He thinks that he's got an endless pot of money that he can continue to spend, and he's mistaken. He does not. People are just at the tipping point right now, and if they don't change their ways in Washington, people are going to stop ... maybe they just stop paying taxes. If everyone stopped paying their taxes, I think that would really impact what's going on."

Hey, if you've seen any objective, non-biased Big Media reports on these totally-newsworthy, massive, cross-country, historical, serious protests by Americans fed up with the awful Obama regime, then go ahead and drop the links into the comments. Because it's hard to find anything, as I'm not seeing much in the way of top headlines with appropriately sensational slogans, unlike what happens when Left-Wing and Islamic extremists have their phony protests.

Oh, and heeeeere's Barry:




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