Monday, April 20, 2009

Extreme Leftist Is As Extreme Leftist Does

A B.C. NDP candidate has stepped down from the provincial election campaign due to unacceptable behavior, after it was discovered that there were unacceptable pictures of him and some other Left-Wing Extremist teabaggers on Facebook.

"Wardrobe malfunction" and inappropriate touching are involved. There's a totally-inappropriate photograph at the link, which, for some reason, the Globe and Mail thought it necessary to publish. But since they didn't describe that photograph adequately in the story, it does make sense within that context, for the extra-inappropriacy is evident in the photograph.

We don't want our elected officials going around wasting time fiddling with each others' underwear, privates and boobies and posting photographs of their activities online. We want professionals who will focus on serious stuff. If people want to be decadent freaks, then don't bother wasting our money as an absent-minded, unserious "representative". You can serve your pet issues without being elected and drawing a cheque from the taxpayers who deserve serious people in office.

In addition to that particular Left-Wing Extremist teabagger, there have been other incidents of inappropriate, decadent behavior by Left-Wing Extremist teabaggers. All of 'em in B.C., unfortunately, an apparent blight on the province's socialists.

Vancouver-area Federal NDP candidates Dana Larsen and Kirk Tousaw resigned last year after online videos surfaced that showed them taking drugs.

B.C. New Democrat Julian West also quit the federal campaign after apologizing for taking off his clothes in front of minors at an environmental retreat more than a decade before.

You see, Left-Wing Extremists are more serious about gigglingly, brainlessly playing with their and others' undergarments and bodies than about being serious, smart and focussed on building a stronger Canada (a stronger Canada isn't founded on risky, corrupting, Crazy-Seventies-style devil-may-care, mutual monkey-spanking and brain-damaging substance ingestion). They are unfit to run the Free World. They don't even like the Free World, despite all that it's given to them that they'd never get from the Axis of Evil, which they love so much because of its "progressive" socialist ideology and admirably strict "control" of the population to snuff out dissent against the Party Line. So let's have a program to encourage socialists in the Free World to emigrate to such lovely utopian-egalitarian lightheaded paradises as North Korea, Red China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, "Palestine", Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Russia, etc...

Take the socialists... please. Only serious, focussed, smart folks should be elected to fix the problems we have in the Free World. Those who aren't, are those responsible for causing them in the first place, as "useful idiots".

I just know the folks at and other such intelligent Left-Wing Extremist Teabagger sites will totally hate this post. Excellent! *Big smile*