Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Did Obama Want Jesus' Name Censored?

I thought he was a Christian?

Guess not. Perhaps he only went to "church" because he enjoyed the hateful, insane, stupid, extreme-left, racist, anti-American sermons of "Reverend" Wright.

That Obama wanted to censor the name of his claimed savior... is disturbing, and only serves to strengthen suspicions that he isn't a Christian at all. Add that to the fact that since his election, he hasn't gone to church at all, preferring instead the gym and late-night booze-fests at the White House.

Then there's the fact that he violated American protocol and bowed to the slave-owning Saudi King, in submission, as if a Muslim himself, as if he never actually apostated from Islam.

Here we have the state dictating to a Christian church to censor its savior. Doesn't this, in fact, amount to a violation of the left-wing myth of "separation of church and state"?

ht: Drudge Report