Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Media Leftist Bias Exposed Raw By Treatment Of Tea Parties


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See also here. (ht: SDA; "Not Waiting for the Asteroid")

A real eye-opener for those who still, thanks to being too busy to look closely at the Big Media's behavior and think for themselves about it, believe that the Big Media is scrupulous and impartial and doesn't take sides, and is mature and professional.

Anderson Cooper of the CNN derided the legitimate, thousands-strong, cross-country protests using a term which references a bizarre "sex" act. Is there any better, more effective, efficient way to expose ones own bias, prejudice and utter lack of professionalism?

Repeating over and over the claims of the Extreme Left. Why does the Big Media do this? Oh, of course, they're using the Big Lie strategy of Josef Goebbels.

The Big Media, on the other hand, doesn't try to discredit Left-Wing Extremists' protests. They, in such cases, actually behave as pseudo-professionals, simply reporting that there was a protest, what was said, and why. No offensive, sexually-oriented jokes, no belittling, no dehumanizing, no conspiracy theorism. Just helping their fellow Left-Wing Extremists by spreading and propagating their nonsense to help further their Hard-Left Agenda.

Of course the Big Media will do whatever it can to discredit and dehumanize legitimate protests by non-leftists ("right-wing extremists", as the Obamanian Brownshirts of the DHS call them). After all, the Big Media is controlled by wealthy, powerful neo-Communists like George Soros, who also apparently somehow controls Barack Hussein Obama (it's obvious that the policies Obama brings forth don't come from his mind, as he obviously doesn't understand them, simply repeating whatever fancy, sensational talking points he's been fed, and when the teleprompter cannot save him from embarrassment, he turns all Stephane "Do Over" Dion). Obama can speak beautifully, but he cannot nearly as much think about and understand stuff. Or maybe he just doesn't want to think for himself, doesn't want to go through the inconvenient process of using his brain to understand. Of course, most Left-Wing Extremists are like this, except for the intellectuals amongst them, whose responsibility is to come up with ideas, strategies and tactics and so on and so forth, with a view to advancing the Hard Left-Wing Agenda. Of course, being Leftist intellectuals, they are naturally, essentially devoid of ethics, morals, scruples, integrity, credibility, conscience, etc.; therefore they're really just the folks (one thinks of the likes of Canada's Liberal Party's Warren "Shit From Hell/Prince Of Darkness" Kinsella) who invent ways to cheat to gain an unfair advantage over the more-ethical, more-moral, more-credible "right".

Well, looking at the facts, looking at how the Big Media behaved towards the massive protests across America against Obama's socialist policies, it's clear and indubitable that the Big Media (except for FOX News, obviously) is controlled by infantile, unintelligent, unprofessional Left-Wing Extremism.

But smart, aware folks already know this. We've seen it, over and over and over ad infinitum, in the Big Media's biased, politically-correct and even outrightly dishonest treatment of the Israel-"Palestine" matter. We've seen it in their unfair treatment of Sarah Palin, by giving Hollyweird celebrities plenty of coverage whenever they go insane and spew astonishing, unfounded, bizarre hatred and contempt towards Ms. Palin. They didn't have to turn such verbal feces-spewers into big news, but they did. Because that's the kind of folks they are, and they're "in it" together with all of the other tinfoil-hatted, brainwashed, useful-idiot Left-Wing Extremist fellow travellers.

The Big Media can choose what to treat as "news" and what not to treat thusly.

When they want us to know (or think) something, then it becomes "news" and they'll be all over it in all sorts of ways to try to firebrand the Big Lie(s) into unsuspecting news consumers' brains, betraying their trust in the process.

But when something big and newsworthy happens that is inconvenient to the agenda of the Extreme Left, then the Big Media tries as hard as it can to ignore it for as long as possible, and when they're finally forced to acknowledge that it's happening, they try their damndest to spin it against their political-ideological opponents.

There is no doubt that the Big Media is biased, populated and controlled by Left-Wing Extremism (or, as I call it lately, "neo-Communism"). No doubt at all. Anyone who would assert that, after absorbing all the evidence, the Big Media isn't biased at all, or is, incredibly, right-biased, is necessarily, essentially either a lying propagandist useful idiot or stupid or insane. Or perhaps all of those things.

Is it any wonder that the Big Media is collapsing, going bankrupt and starting to move entirely online to compete with the more-trusted online newsmedia, analysts, pundits and commentors?

If the Big Media thinks that they'll succeed online while continuing their biased ways, then they're, well, nuts. No pun intended, but there it is, recalling Anderson Cooper's adolescent attempts to use dirty humor to discredit those who don't agree with his neo-Communist worldview.

The Big Media can get stuffed!