Monday, April 27, 2009

Talk Show Hosts Hold Private Summit Re. Govt Control Threat

The left-wing extremist Obama Regime and local governments are seeking to put conservative talk show hosts under the iron thumb of far-left state apparatus control and censorship.

They really, despite the bureaucratese nonsense they spew to sugarcoat the scary truth, want to blunt and render ineffective the messaging of their political and ideological opponents who broadcast messages of inconvenient-to-the-Regime opinion and opposition to the left-wing regimes' agendas.

Really, do you think their intention is to be fair and balanced here? It isn't. Because leftists use laws, not to be fair and balanced, but rather to restrict the rights and liberties of their political and ideological opposition. In the Free World, yes.

Astute observers and analysts will have no doubt that that's what the left-wing extremist Obama Regime's agenda really is. And the agenda of the many far-left municipal governments run by their federal comrade's fellow travellers.

Should the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" be imposed against the First Amendment rights of America's communicators, the real problem is that it will NOT be "fair". This is because it won't be enforced against media who toe the Obama-Democrat-Soros party line as they're expected to. Rather, it will be enforced against political-ideological dissidents.

Believe it or not, they can and will, if the People let them. They do stuff like this all the time, act unfairly against all kinds of dissidents, not just against dissident broadcasters.

And why wouldn't they? They know already that they can get away with such unfairness and lack of balance and violation of the equality rights of dissidents. Therefore they will do this. If the People let them.

Understanding this, the nation's dissident communicators have held an emergency summit about the threat.

A daylong discussion today focused on what was described as the "imminent threat" of so-called "localism" requirements that will subject radio programming to the review by panels of community activists who will evaluate station content. These panels will be empowered to make recommendations for programming changes and challenge at the Federal Communications Commission the licenses renewals of stations that don't heed their advice.

"Community activists". You know that means left-wing extremists (masquerading as "responsible" "moderates" who claim to only want to enforce "fairness", "diversity" and "tolerance") whose true agenda is to strictly restrict and intimidate dissident communicators who dare to say things inconvenient to the extreme-left's agenda, regardless of whether it's plain factual reporting or opinion thereabout. The "community activists" will naturally, as always, be subjective and unfair, for that's the essence of left-wing extremists who want to impose upon others and will not tolerate dissent. You know, these "community activists", they ought to be called "Brownshirts", for that's what they are, just like the Nazi Sturmabteilungen, who used to go around intimidating political and ideological opponents to help Hitler unfairly and illegitimately (like Obama, incidentally) become Chancellor, notwithstanding the election that put him there, with brainwashed voters voting as they'd been manipulated via propaganda into voting, motivated by misinformation and lies (again like Obama).

Last month, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., submitted an amendment to the D.C. Voting Bill which would require the FCC to "encourage and promote diversity in ... media ownership" and reaffirm FCC authority to mandate the presentation "of opposing points of view on issues of public importance."

My... such fancypantsy, gobbleddygooky, ambiguous, imprecise, ominous language. What a masterful way of hiding the real agenda, behind a charade of doing things that sound good, reasonable, fair, balanced and just. Really, the Bill would NOT "promote diversity", but would rather be a weapon for the Obama-Soros-controlled FCC to "mandate the presentation of opposing points of view on issues of public importance". In other words, the true intent is to intimidate dissident communicators into toeing the party line. Don't be fooled by the lies about nice-sounding agendas, because that's what it really is, lies. The truth is hidden behind dishonest, manipulative words. Remember, today's totalitarian China isn't the "Peoples' Republic". It's actually what ought to be dubbed the Communist Party's Imperialist Republic. Same thing with "Fairness Doctrine"... it's a clever, nice-sounding Big Lie.

Also of concern to the hosts and producers gathered in the nation's capital was a decision last week by Clear Channel, the nation's largest owner of radio stations, to mandate the creation of local advisory boards by June at all of its properties. The move was seen as pre-emptive as the industry anticipates an FCC stacked with Barack Obama appointees will soon require stations to answer to panels of community activists.

Uh-oh... the owners already have fallen victim to the intimidation they're feeling coming from the Regime. The control has already begun. I wonder what the Regime did, unknown to us, to make this so. Brownshirts getting in peoples' faces here and there and issuing threats and causing embarrassment? It's not unprecedented- they did it in the Nineties (with de-facto "protection rackets" in which they promised to go away if they got what they demanded) with the banks, to intimidate their executives into making them lend billions and billions to people who couldn't repay the loans. This, we know, or ought to, is the cause of the current global recession (see how destructive these left-wing extremist "community activists" actually are?).

The FCC is currently composed of two Democrat and two Republican commissioners. Obama has nominated a new chairman, Julius Genachowski, which would give Democrats a 3-2 majority once he is confirmed.
Ah. The far left will have a majority on the FCC. Guaranteed the majority will do what The... Man... Behind... the... Curtain... wants. (Go ahead... click on each of the highlighted words to get the Big Picture here).

As WND previously reported, Genachowski advocates creating new media ownership rules that promote a diversity of voices on the airwaves. In fact, Genachowski is credited with helping craft the Obama technology agenda, which states: "Encourage diversity in the ownership of broadcast media, promote the development of new media outlets for expression of diverse viewpoints, and clarify the public interest obligations of broadcasters who occupy the nation's spectrum."


Hedgecock, also a WND columnist, called for the creation of a national "tea party-style" grass-roots movement to subvert plans he and the other participants agreed were direct, frontal assaults on First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Can't let the left-wing extremist bastards have their way, for their intentions are NOT good, even if they think they are.