Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Useless 'News' Report

This is.

ht: National Newswatch

It doesn't really tell us anything. Bunch of generalities given to some reporter by terrorism-supporting teabaggers and put forth as "news". They don't even have to give the dumbass teabagging extremists the time of day, much less any coverage whatsoever.

For all we know, the report could simply say, instead, "A bunch of teabagging rednecks are grumpy and issuing threats to gather together and spew stupid bullcrap for no legitimate reason at all."

You know, these fools in question are obviously trying to help the LTTE Tamil Tigers, not regular Sri Lankans.

Calling for a ceasefire in which the Sri Lankan government stops fighting the murederous LTTE will only help the LTTE, just as "ceasefires" have always helped "Palestinian" terror groups and not ordinary "Palestinians".

Bunch of teabagging terrorism supporters. Blah. They'll just flop, whatever they do. Let the Big Media cover it with the same extreme prejudice with which they covered the Million American Protest Against Barack Hussein Obama And His Socialist-Fascist Regime.

Screw the terror-supporting teabaggers.

Nothing to see, nothing to hear. A complete non-event. It's not happening. Move along. We aren't going to cover it, except for perhaps a paragraph or two on the bottom of page F-756, beside a local bizarre-"sex" shop ad.

If anything, a source of ill-advised material for late-night TV comics who like to make bad, vulgar, homoerotic jokes about people they don't like. Like Anderson Cooper on CNN, though he's lucky to get a prime time spot from which to spew his garbage. Oh, and he knows about "teabagging" because he's personally in a position (no pun intended... no, wait... I lied... pun intended!!!), to know whereof he speaks.