Friday, April 17, 2009

Arrogant CNN Reporter Disses Tea Partiers, Catches Hell For It

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Michelle Malkin reports:

So, the Tea Party protests are “not fit for family viewing” according to one very unhappy CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, who also fumes over what she calls an “offensive” anti-Obama sign that compares Obama to a fascist. (And yes, I told you this was going to happen.)

But guess what? Newsbusters caught the same indignantly indignant Susan Roesgen covering an anti-Bush rally in New Orleans in which she blithely refers to a huge Bush puppet with horns and a Hitler mustache as a “lookalike.”

She called today’s events “anti-CNN.”

Don't these Big Media Left-Wing Extremists just piss you off? They're arrogant and hypocritical. Their pro-Obama/pro-socialism bias is striking!

The Left-Wing Extremist Big Media wants to make Americans think that the Tea Party Protests were just a bunch of "Right-Wing Extremists" goosestepping around, pretending that the protestors represent Average, Everyday America.

They don't treat Left-Wing Extremist protestors with such contempt and ridicule, ever, do they? No- in such cases they simply show the horrific Bush-equals-Hitler and Israel-equals-swastika picket signs and show Leftist moonbats screaming stupid, insane lies, without criticizing the protestors or their messages.

There can be NO doubt. The Big Media is biased and hypocritical.

The Big Media is controlled by Left-Wing Extremism.