Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama Pentagon Appointee A Loony Conspiracy Theorist, Worked For Soros

Obama appointee to powerful Pentagon post: 9/11 conspiracy theorist Rosa Brooks

Why is it that Obama can only appoint stark raving mad lunatic Left-Wing Extremists? (Of course, the decisions are obviously not his, for he's, after all, just a puppet, a figurehead, and the decisions are made by the little man behind the curtain operating levers and buttons and so on, of whom we're not supposed to be aware, let alone to whom to pay attention).

Story here.

In 2007, she labeled al-Qaida as "little more than an obscure group of extremist thugs, well financed and intermittently lethal but relatively limited in their global and regional political pull. On 9/11, they got lucky. … Thanks to U.S. policies, al-Qaida has become the vast global threat the administration imagined it to be in 2001."

Also that year, she called the surge in Iraqa "feckless plan" that is "too little too late" with "no realistic likelihood that it will lead to an enduring solution in Iraq." The surge was widely credited with helping to stabilize Iraq.

Brooks wrote Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney "should be treated like psychotics who need treatment. … Impeachment's not the solution to psychosis, no matter how flagrant."

She also penned a column about Bush entitled "Our torturer-in-chief" in which she inferred attacks against the U.S. were a result of torture policies.

"Today, the chickens are coming home to roost," she fumed, but "the word 'accountability' isn't in the White House dictionary."

Chickens coming home to roost. Sounds like the plagiaristic ex-professor Ward Churchill who said that and also called the 9/11 victims "little Eichmanns". Sheesh... these loony Left Wing Extremists, are they now in charge of America's national security?

She also compared Bush to Hitler. Hey, I get blasted by Left-Wing Extremists for doing the same with respect to Obama, who does things and has policies and planned policies and programs that do bear a striking resemblance to some of what Hitler did.

Of course, it's not Obama's fault. He's just a puppet of the same guy that crazy lady worked for, George Soros. Soros is behind everything now. He's the proverbial Man Behind The Curtain.

Here's Obama, ever-so-innocent, ever-so-manipulable, ever-so-clueless...