Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Liberals Would Raise Taxes: Ignatieff


Michael "Goofy" Ignatieff, Liberal Party of Canada Leader: Taxes MUST be raised!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michael Ignatieff
, for telling it like it is, that is, that the Liberals, including under your leadership, would raise taxes if you were elected government.

Thank you, man! Telling the truth... so very, very rare for a Liberal!

“We will have to raise taxes,”
-Thus spake Michael Ignatieff.

Michael Ignatieff would raise our taxes.

Raise our taxes!

In Canada.

Yes, in Canada!

I did not make this up.

Choose your Canada.

He's saying taxes MUST go up!

Wow... he's not even being wishy-washy like Stephane Dion was. He's being clear as to his intention to raise taxes. Ergo, if elected Prime Minister, Michael Ignatieff will take more of your money away, reversing the tax relief the Harper Conservatives have generously provided for you.

Sounds like Iggy is trying to copy his idol, the neo-Communist Barack Hussein Obama. Always trying to be like the guy. It's so sad, isn't it?

How brutally honest! The other Liberals must be pulling their hair out right now... after all, Liberals don't win by being honest, after all!

Funny how Ignatieff doesn't seem to understand that Canada's recession is the mildest one in the world, yet he gets all hissy-pissy when the Conservative government make this very true point...

“You wonder what country he is in,” Ignatieff said.

Canada, actually. What's the matter, Iggy, are you stupid?

He criticized the federal governement for not quickly freeing money in the federal stimulus package. He said the government should give municipalities the money, as they are in a better position to know how to spend it.

Funny, but he initially opposed the Tory government's move to free up three billion bucks immediately, though he did flipflop and support it anyway.

Guess we'll never know what he means and what he doesn't mean.

But... we can certainly believe it when a Liberal promises to raise our taxes!

An excellent factoid for the Conservative "Truth About Iggy" ads... upcoming...

ht: National Newswatch