Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama Regime Filled With 'Far-Left Extremists'

Left Wing Extremists wreak havoc somewhere in the world as police look on: Photo
Barack Hussein Obama's Cabinet appointees largely share their extreme ideologies.

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Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama presented himself to the American people as a change-oriented centrist, slightly to the left of the middle of the road. The way he has governed over his first 100 days, however, shows him to be anything but the image he projected, particularly where many of his appointments are concerned. And it is these appointments that will determine the direction of policy in his administration over the next four years.

(Names and shameful realities, such as tax evasion and shocking, extreme ideologies and statements, follow)

Almost everywhere you look in the Obama administration you can find appointees whose beliefs are clearly outside the mainstream, who are, in a word, extremists.

(More appointees' names and shocking behavior and statements)

Rather than an administration of centrists, the Obama presidency is shaping up to be one in which the dominant voice is that of the American far-left. Right before our eyes, based on the appointments thus far, we are seeing “Changing we can believe in” being transformed into “Change we can’t believe.”

You can tell a lot about a regime's true agenda by analyzing his appointees to policy positions.

There can, once understanding the ideological orientation of his Cabinet apointees, be no rational, logical doubt that Barack Hussein Obama's agenda is one of left-wing extremism.