Friday, April 24, 2009

Fighting State Fascism In Iowa

Story here.

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller:

Then he instructed: "A county registrar should furnish the forms in the same manner as in opposite gender applications."

"The Supreme Court's decision … does change state law: the decision expressly strikes from Iowa Code chapter 595 the language which limits civil marriage to a man and a woman," he ordered.

AG Miller warns of legal consequences should anyone refuse to acquiesce to this dictation.

Alliance Defence Fund:

"Contrary to the threatening statement issued by Attorney General Tom Miller on April 21, the citizens of Iowa enjoy the protections of the right of conscience guaranteed in the U.S. and Iowa constitutions – the very constitutions that county recorders swore to uphold when taking office," Napier said. "Mr. Miller conveniently omitted any discussion of their rights of conscience or the recorders' duty to protect the rights of their employees.

"This right of conscience protects individuals against heavy-handed coercion by the state, including the attorney general," he said.

We must fight back against state fascism, or else we will lose our rights.

Our Constitutions are supposed to protect us from state fascism. If we allow such fascists as the Attorney General of Iowa to tread upon us, effectively treading upon our Constitutions, then we'll have allowed them to invalidate our Constitutions and treat us however they wish. And they're counting on our submission to their anticonstitutional behavior, because they hate the Constitutions, because such documents, if they were to respect them and obey them, would prevent them from imposing all kinds of things upon us against our will. They want to impose on us regardless of whatever any Constitution says. They claim that a court is above the Constitution and above the will of the People, and they are wrong. This is why we must fight them.