Saturday, April 18, 2009

Right Way To Assess Domestic Threats To National Security

Check out this
report on Left-Wing Extremism from April 2001.

Notice that it provides proofs, including names, numbers, dates, statistics. It is a proper report.


It doesn't merely make completely unfounded, ideologically-motivated assertions like the Obama DHS so-called "Right-Wing Extremist" report does.

The Obama DHS document on so-called "Right-Wing Extremism" is nothing short of a Goebbelian Big Lie document against an identifiable group. One is reminded of propaganda which was imposed against another identifiable group which ended up being increasingly persecuted, with millions murdered in the Holocaust in the 20th Century.

Why is the Obama Regime spreading Big Lies against its political/ideological opponents and dissenters?

Obama's Brownshirts

Does the Obama Regime have a hidden agenda for dealing with folks like you and me? Is it already well-planned, or are they fleshing out the Final-Solution details as we speak?

What does the Obama Regime intend to do with those who dare to have a differing viewpoint/opinion/political-ideological orientation?

It's frightening to look at the extreme Big Lies put forth to the Obama Gestapo at all levels of government and worry about what they may have in store for us.

Especially as we know that the Extreme Left has already since long, long ago infiltrated and now controls the entire state apparatus, including the Big Media, the legal and judicial systems, and obviously controls the police via political interference and directives, including directives to commit illegal acts and violate the Constitutional and Bill of Rights.

How can we trust a regime, Obama's regime, when we know they're lying about and targeting their political opposition for broad-brush sweeping defamation, demonization, persecution... and who knows what else?

Of course Barack Hussein Obama is a fascist.

I feel total solidarity with the Jewish People and with Israel. Because I now know that I and everyone like myself are being defamed, demonized and targeted for persecution and worse, just as are and always have been, the Jewish People and Israel.

Today and from now on I am a Jew, too. And so are you, my non-Leftist friend and comrade.

Maybe we should all wear yellow Star of David fabric patches on our clothing as a silent protest against the Obama Neo-Nazi International Socialist Fascist Regime.