Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ignatieff the Immoral

SCARY IGGYWarren Kinsella

Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Party leader, left, with his attack clown/ass-kicker Warren Kinsella, himself hardly known to be the most moral man in the universe, either.

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ht: National Newswatch

Like I said, the Liberals will do anything, say anything, to hurt their political opponents, to divide them, to try to tear them apart. Their latest tactic is to go around pretending to suddenly have fallen in love with a man they've demonized for a very long time. I mean, suddenly Liberals love Brian Mulroney and praise his Prime Ministership? What happened?

"Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party, when this matter first broke, were practically demanding that I throw Mr. Mulroney in prison without a trial," said Mr. Harper, referring to the inquiry into Mr. Mulroney's dealings with former German businessman Karlheinz Schreiber.

"Now they're out there pretending that somehow they're his best friends and they don't agree with any of this. I think what Canadians will see is when it comes to a very difficult issue of government conduct and government ethics, this government has behaved responsibly and the other party, the other leader, has absolutely no moral compass."

A spokesperson of Ignatieff manipulatively, omissively claims that Iggy "only wished Mr. Mulroney a happy birthday", but we know that's not all he did. He condemned the Conservatives for taking the moral high road in dealing with Mr. Mulroney during the Schreiber inquiry, though not so long ago the Liberals themselves were saying, look, the man's a crook, he's guilty as sin, we gotta make him roomies with Conrad Black (who, by the way, I can only see as a witchhunted, obviously, incredibly wrongfully-convicted victim of jealous ultra-far-left-wing rivals who punished him just for refusing to be one of them, for dissing them).

Besides, what do you expect from a man who employs the infamous, hypocritical, Christian-beliefs-ridiculing, unconstitutional-censorship-promoting, intimidation-practicing, threat-issuing, serial-SLAPP-suit-filing, Chinese-restaurant-slurring, sexist Warren "Prince of Darkness/Shit from Hell" Kinsella as an attack clown?