Friday, April 17, 2009

Liberal Finance Critic Lied About Owning Chevy


Photo: Lyin' John McCallum, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's Finance Critic

Why would he say he owns a Chevrolet when he actually does NOT? To fool the voters, maybe? So what else is new with them Liebranos$$$?

Caught red-handed with his burning pants down!

See? Liberals lie! Very easily, reflexively. It's in their programming. It's like dropping a hot potato; they just do it naturally, instantly, without even thinking.

After telling reporters that a Liberal government would have sounder and more aggressive economic policies than the Conservative government, McCallum, who arrived at the gathering as a passenger in a VW Jetta, was asked what kind of car he drove.

McCallum stammered for several seconds before responding: “I drive a North American-made car.” Asked to be more specific, he responded: “I drive a General Motors car.” Asked again to be more specific, he said it was “a Chevrolet.”

McCallum phoned The Star about an hour later to retreat from those comments, offering this explanation in a voicemail: “I said the wrong thing without thinking. The fact of the matter is that I do not own a North American-made car.”

This liar is the same guy who says that the Liberals will have "sounder and more aggressive economic policies" than the Conservative government.

Who can trust a known liar?

ht: Bourque Newswatch and SDA