Saturday, April 18, 2009

Woman Demands Right To Bear Arms In Canada

Story here.

Removing a firearm from a home doesn't provide women with an advantage when that is about all they could, theoretically, use to defend themselves. Most women are smaller, lighter and weaker than most men and so an unarmed woman facing an unarmed male is at a distinct disadvantage. Had the firearm been in her hand, as opposed to that of her husband, I suspect Ms Aubry's belligerent ex-partner would have been considerably less violent, or possibly dead. Either way she would not have been a victim.

Women are always stressing their desire to be self-confident, responsible and independent individuals. Without a handgun in their purse, this wish is simply wishful thinking. Instead of gun-control, they should be lobbying the federal government to start issuing Type III Authorizations to Carry to every Possession and Acquisition Restricted licence holder in Canada who asks for one.

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If every proven law-abiding, properly-trained-to-handle-and-use citizen was legally approved to carry a handgun, and if many actually did, then I'd say that people would naturally be more mutually respectful of one another, think before they spoke and be a lot less violent. Precisely due to logical, rational awareness of potential consequences should they do something stupid and unacceptable to another person, like try to kill them or rape them. After all, who the hell wants to find themselves staring down a gun barrel?

Why don't "progressives" want women to have the Right To Protect Themselves?

Do "progressives" hate women?

Well, they apparently hate Muslim women, seeing as they don't care about the horrific, grievous, inhuman way Muslim women are treated by Muslim men, who, compared to non-Muslim men, almost always get away with it, or get off lightly, especially in the Islamic World. So it's not a giant leap to conclude that "progressives" must hate all women, except, of course, those who submit to Left-Wing Extremism.