Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Violent Anti-Woman Hatred As Muslim Men Stone Women Demanding Equality

Just watch the Leftists turn and ignore it and say we're "haters" for dissing the Muslim men who threw stones at women! Just watch Barack Hussein Obama delusionally pretend that it's just an isolated non-incident that has nothing to do with Islam.

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ht: National Newswatch

Some 300 Afghan women have been pelted by stones as they gathered to protest a new law that critics say legalises marital rape. Police struggled to keep counter-protesters away.

The law says a husband can demand sex with his wife every four days unless she is ill or would be harmed by intercourse. It passed last month.

Women's rights activists scheduled a protest today attended by about 300 mostly young women.


The men shouted 'Death to the slaves of the Christians!'
See? The Muslim men are uttering death threats against the women and spreading defamation against Christians. See? Lots of Muslims are hateful and must be "put in their place", just like skinheads, neoNazis, etc., etc...

Eh? How bizarre, to engage in Christianophobic rage and hatred, to call the women "slaves of Christians". I mean, these women are slaves of Muslims! Oh, I see... the Muslim men who threw rocks at the women are practicing classical Left-wing transferrence, trying to make themselves non-slavemasters by calling others the very same thing they themselves are!

I believe it's time to pull out of Afghanistan, unless we're willing to take it over completely, colonize it, ban fundamentalist-Islam-promoted hatred of women and minorities and enforce human rights and so on and so forth.

It's clear that no matter how far into the future it will be that we leave, that the Islamofascists will simply retake power. And Hamid Karzai is clearly one of them, despite his air of "moderation" and "diplomacy".

As to the Leftists lurking herein, shocked that I'd dare say such strong things about Muslims, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm "hatemongering" again, sure, right, of course. Yeah, sure, once again I prove that my blog is a "hate fest". Sure, right. As if I'm going to listen to you woman-hating bigots, right! Go smoke some more dope and screw one another and leave me to stand up for women's rights, because you sure as hell won't!

Clearly, Afghanistan is still a hotbed of anti-woman and anti-Christian hatred and intolerance, not to mention all the other kinds of intolerance still abounding. What has Hamid Karzai bothered to do to put a stop to it or at least marginalize it like we in the Free World try to marginalize all kinds of "haters" who pose a danger to all kinds of people?

Why not just pull out, and when another 9/11 happens, just nuke Afghanistan and fuggeddaboutit? Feck 'em! We've had enough of being used by these ungrateful haters!

See also: Slain female soldier's family wants end to Afghan mission: "Sacrifice may have been in vain".

I'm in agreement that it's logical to conclude we're wasting out time, money, and, most importantly, Free World citizens' lives in Afghanistan.

Our approach, though politically correct, doesn't work.

The only thing that would work, and the only thing worth doing, is to take over Afghanistan completely and end the Islamofascism for once and for all. What to do about the Taliban? Well, I'll say this much: They must never again be free, ever, if they're taken alive.

Otherwise, let's go home and build our great Free World once again. And never again elect Left-wing-extremists to government!