Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beware the Ploys of the Left

One can never be too wary of the dangerous Far Left (who call themselves "progressives" to dishonestly make themselves seem warm and fuzzy and all that).

One can never link to too many articles warning about the dangers of those who call themselves "progressives", and most importantly, the whole "progressive" movement.

After all, look who's now in the White House. A "progressive". Controlled by "progressives".

Neo-Communism is a bitch, folks.

Article here.

ht: Bourque Newswatch

Of course, I'll always be posting links to warnings as to the dangers of the Progressive Liberal Left, aka. The Useful Idiots of our Foreign Enemies. If this makes me, in the dogmatic eyes of the newly-Leftified "Department of Homeland Security" in the Obamanian States of America, a "right-wing extremist", then so be it. It's an honor to be a victim of neo-Nazi propaganda, for being attacked by neo-Nazis like the Obamanian State Apparatus is an honor and proves that I'm a moderate, a good person who fights evil, especially evil that calls itself good and that calls good people evil. So let the Far-Left Goebellian propagandists spin their spiderwebs of lies all they want...

Of course, one day those bastards may come for all of us non-Leftists and force us at gunpoint into boxcars to be taken to the camps, or "campuses", as they renamed them after we exposed the plans for them, which have already been approved for construction by Congress, not that the Big Media bothered to mention it at all... Hey, what do you think they're blowing trillions of dollars for? Is it really all accounted for, or is there creative accounting involved, meaning they'll divert millions here and there for sinister purposes?