Friday, April 17, 2009

Extreme Lefty Propagandist Spotlight: Janeane Garofalo

CBC Crap Monster
Janeane Garofalo, Left-Wing Extremist

Obamite Brownshirter Janeane Garofalo has chosen to be a Left-Wing Extremist propagandist, spreading Big Lies against anyone who doesn't share her ideological views.

Get a load of her incredible claims...

"Let's be very honest about what this is about. This is not about bashing Democrats. It's not about taxes. They have no idea what the Boston Tea party was about. They don't know their history at all. It's about hating a black man in the White House," she said on MSNBC's "The Countdown" with Keith Olbermann Thursday evening. "This is racism straight up and is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks. There is no way around that."
Hey, she accused all of the protestors of being ball-suckers! What a pottymouth!

"Their synapses are misfiring. ... It is a neurological problem we are dealing with," she said. This isn't the first time she's offered this analysis, either. Ms. Garofalo said similar things about Alaskan GOP Governor Sarah Palin's brain last February in an interview with an environmental blog.

Sheesh... talk about projection!

The actress went on to bash the GOP on MSNBC Thursday because it had "crystallized into the white power movement" as well as Fox News, which she said has captured the "Klan demo[graphic]."

Um... the Democrats gave America the Klan, actually... And, yes, I know it's ironic. Just like the shocking spectacle of Obama bowing in submission to the Saudi slavemaster.

"Who else is Fox talking to? Urban older white guys and their girlfriends who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome," she said.

Notice she offers no evidence to back up her claims? Of course. Leftists don't need evidence... all they need is the lies and the Big Media to propagate them as widely as possible. And Keith Olbermann is doing his job at that, not dissing the astonishing crap being spewed from such a pottymouth.

Hoo-boy... talk about Extreme Leftist Mental Disorder.

Clearly, Obama's Unofficial Sturmabteilungen/Propaganda Machine is hard at work all over America spreading Big Lies against an estimated million Americans who exercised their right to protest.

Ms. Garofalo's shirt matches the color (brown) of that of which she is a piece.

Hey, guess what? Let's call Ms. Garofalo a racist and white supremacist, too, and a ball-sucker. Why not? This is the game she plays. Hey, we can play, too!

Oh, and her synapses are misfiring. If she has any, that is.

Betcha she blows George Soros, too. Betcha she blew Billy Clinton.

Oh, sorry... my mouth has gone potty, too... excuse me... gotta grab the Listerine...

Sheesh... these Obamite Left-Wing Extremist Lunatics never cease to entertain, do they?

Suddenly I have this overwhelming urge to flush a toilet... a psychological thing, I guess, and Janeane Garofalo triggered it with her gross, odious emergence from the darkness...