Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's Wrong With This Wacko "Judge"?

Story about bizarre "judge" here.

Jailed for 30 days just for merely sending a text message in court. She didn't disrupt anything at all, and there was never any notice or warning of any sort whatsoever, including posted signs or verbal warnings from the judge... whatsoever.

But the judge threw her in jail for a month... just like that.

"The media cannot find a better case of judicial arrogance and incompetence and he should be removed from the bench," Jackson said.

Kind of like "President" Barack Hussein Obama, also incredibly arrogant and incompetent and in need of removal. And like DHS fuhrer Janet Napolitano, who says that anyone not a Leftist is a "Right-Wing Extremist" and a threat to national security, without offering any evidence to back up the incredible claim.


He pointed out that the judge has made similar rulings in the past, once telling a woman in court for having too many dogs after having been cited earlier for the same thing: "She should have taken a gun and shot the other five before she came back to court, if she didn't have any other options … She's going to jail today."

Is this guy insane or what? Fofecksake, he sounds like frigging Hitler! Damn, he could be a Taliban community leader or a Saudi magistrate or an Iranian cleric or a Chinese Communist. Or the Dear Leader of North Korea. This is the kind of guy he is.

He's like a judge character on some bizarre-crap cartoon like The Simpsons or The Family Guy.

It's astonishing that there could be such a crazy-as-hell judge still behind the bench in the real world. But then again, look at all the other astonishingly crazy crap we now have happening in the real world... as they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

And that's not the worst of it. It appears that he's also a radical Left-Wing Extremist Judicial Activist, apparently treating gross-immorality felonies as mere little misdemeanors:

Conversely, in another case, Henriod gave a former teacher probation for having sex nearly 50 times with a 16-year-old boy.

"What is of primary importance to me is that [the boy] is doing well," the judge ruled.

He must be removed immediately and required to undergo psychiatric examination.

Probation for a teacher (in a position of trust and authority) statutorily raping a vulnerable underage student over four dozen times! Probation! That's nothing... he basically told the teacher "Don't do it again, ok? Now go."

Compare that to the astonishingly cruel and unjust punishment he gave the woman who merely sent a text message even though there was never any rule thereagainst. And the crazy attitude he showed with respect to the woman with the dogs.

This Left-Wing Extremist judge definitely has a mental disorder. And, let me tell y'all, folks... there's many more like him.

And Barack Hussein Obama is going to be appointing many, many more like him. Including to the U.S. Supreme Court, pending likely vacancies.