Friday, April 10, 2009

Hard-Left 'Family Guy' Cartoon Repulses Pro-Family Groups, Advertisers

Well, I can say that this doesn't surprise me at all. I admit that, yes, I get many laughs out of The Family Guy, but I still find it offensive and see that it's obviously written by hard-left ideologues who stop at nothing to express their sentiments about whatever.

The sexual-extremism depravity, the astonishingly bloody domestic violence, etc., etc... it's unacceptable for prime-time. Yet there it is.

It's not the sort of stuff kids should be watching. It's surprising that it's on as early as 5 PM on weekends, when kids can easily tune and watch it with even non-cable TVs. Even my leftist brother won't let his kids watch it, though he still may watch it himself, 'cause, like me, he's grownup enough to know better than to believe a bloody thing on the show.

If anything, it ought to be on at midnight or later.