Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Majority Of 'Palestinians' Want To Destroy/Assimilate Israel

This is chilling. These are ordinary people being polled. They are that hateful and intolerant.

Story here.

Amid the ping-pong between Washington and Jerusalem over the validity of a Palestinian state established alongside Israel as the end-product of peace negotiations, the Norwegian Fafo institute which sponsored the 1993 Oslo Framework accords decided to find out how the Palestinians felt about this solution. Its main discovery was that a majority, 53 percent, of Palestinians (like Israelis), is against two states.

This figure breaks down into 33 percent, who opt for the annihilation of the state of Israel, whether by political means or force of arms - to be replaced by a single Islamic republic on all parts of the country; and 20 percent, which favors a united Israeli-Palestinian state, to be eventually engulfed by the latter population.

Israel, therefore, has every right to defend herself from those who want to terminate her existence and destroy the Jewish homeland, just because she's Jewish. Clearly, the majority of "Palestinians" polled are Islamic supremacists and imperialists and are hateful, bigoted anti-Semites. Much like their allies, the neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the skinheads, you know.

Islamists, keep your hands off Israel. Leave Israel alone, for it's in your best interests to do so.