Saturday, April 04, 2009

Iggy's Propaganda 'Wearisome': National Post

Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader
Michael Ignatieff, Canada's Ultra-Negative, Ultra-Partisan Liberal Party Leader

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But to listen to Mr. Ignatieff, you'd think we're all one step away from wearing barrels around our waists. When Mr. Harper spoke optimistically about the economy in a speech a week ago, Mr. Ignatieff accused him of misleading Canadians. When the PM was similarly upbeat during this week's gathering in London, the Liberal leader falsely claimed he was saying one thing at home and another abroad.

The Liberals have blamed the government for overspending in past budgets, and underspending now. Mr. Ignatieff maintains Canada's stimulus spending is too low, because other countries are spending more-- whether or not Canada actually needs such largesse. After complaining that the government was too slow in getting stimulus money into the economy, the opposition objected when Mr. Harper produced $3-billion in emergency bridge funding, calling it a slush fund targeted at Conservative ridings.

Mr. Ignatieff's propaganda is wearisome. Indeed, to the extent it spuriously drives down consumer confidence and the business climate, it is dangerous.

Like most Canadians, we are satisfied that Mr. Harper has handled the recession in a measured, serious way. He has provided the country with a significant stimulus, but he has not used the recession as an opportunity for panicky, ill-thought-out policy shifts, as is the case in the United States.

But Ignatieff apparently wants so desperately to please his idol/crush, Barack Hussein Obama, that he'll bash Canada (not that he seems to care much for Canada, actually living here so seldom at all and having, in the past, openly spoken of himself as being "American"), talking her and her economy down for the purpose of hurting PM Harper and the Conservatives.

Who's giving him his talking points? I'd guess...

Warren Kinsella, ultra-partisan communications advisor and ultra-nasty, ass-kicking brownshirt-guy, for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff