Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Not Another Obama 'Superhero' Comic Book!


Barack the Barbarian.

It's a brand-new, anti-Republican propaganda comic book that'd make Goebbels proud of his Big-Lying disciples of today.

Hey, you know, if that was a conservative comic book rather than a left-wing one which depicts the villainess as bearing a striking resemblance to Ann Coulter, they'd call it "racist" for depicting a Black man as a "barbarian". But they won't since it's a leftist comic book, so any perceived or even real racism in such a comic book will be deemed acceptable as it still conforms to hard-leftwing ideology.

Next thing you know, a leftist will draw a cartoon of a monkey named Obama, but since the cartoonist is an infamous stark raving mad hard-leftwing lunatic who loves "Palestine", Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, abortion, GLBT militancy and domestic terrorism, the left and the Big Media will not call it "racist".

But that's not the point.

The point is that why the hell are there so many comic books about a president? Since when have there been so many comic books about any president (any anti-Bush comic books don't count, 'cause it's obviously anti-conservative/anti-Christian hate literature by a hateful leftist cartoonist) ?

It's clearly left-wing propaganda. The baddie is depicted as an Ann Coulter lookalike. Look at the bottom line, "The Harpy of the Elephant Tower".

Hey, that's hateful. Sexist. And defamatory of Ann Coulter and the Republican Party, which uses an elephant for a mascot (which is way better than the Democrats' mascot, which is an ass!).

You just KNOW that if the situation was reversed, that the hard-left Brownshirts and Goebbelist Big Liars would be roused to full fury by Papa George Soros delivering a war cry via his oratorial puppet, Obama. The cartoonist would have hard-left Brownshirt thugs visit him at his home and make a big stink and ruckus and embarrass him to the neighbors. The Big Media would be hollering about it from the start to the finish of every damn "news"cast and have it on the front pages of everything that it's a "racist" comic book and a "hate crime", even though there's no racism intended and it's just political satire, fair and perhaps unfair as well, commentary, which is protected by the First Amendment (which the hard left is probably plotting to abolish as we speak, still freely for now).

You know, I bet the next issue will feature a Rush Limbaugh lookalike, only that baddie will be ten times fatter than Rush has ever been. Oh, yes, the hard left will spread hatred and contempt against folks with weight problems and folks who smoke cigars and folks who speak their minds after actually using them after actually looking at actual facts, as well as spreading hatred and contempt against skinny blonde-haired intellectual women who dare to demonstrate that they have a mind of their own and use it and aren't afraid to express themselves as they see fit. Oh, no, can't have that, can't have women getting uppity and talking back. Unless they're "progressive" liberal leftists, that is!

Oh, and it's also possible to consider it a slur on Obama's Islamic heritage as well as his skin color. But whatever the perceptions, the hard left will not get into trouble for it. Because they're, after all, the ones who decide when somthing is "racist", "sexist", "Islamophobic", etc... And we KNOW that and they KNOW that.

Bastards... a comic book saying that blonde conservative Christian women are bad and must be hacked with a battleaxe. Shame on those hateful Goebbelists!

Call Warren Kinsella, Richard Warman, the ACLU and the HRCs! Oh, wait... they're part of that whole left-wing web of hate, so, ah, fuggeddaboutit...

The Nazi and the "Palestinian" hate-propaganda cartoonists would love this comic book. They might learn something from it.

Ok now, why don't we have some conservative comic books to make fun of leftists, whatever their color or gender or religion? C'mon! It it's ok for them to do it to us, then it's ok for us to do it to them! Tit for tat!

ht: WorldNetDaily.com