Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama Puppeteer Soros Prophesies Doom & Gloom

George Soros, suspected puppetmaster of President Obama, grins and rubs his hands together, as if to say, "Excellent" like Mr. Burns on The Simpsons

George Soros sounds like he wants to control America, perhaps control the world.

Or perhaps let the world control America. Or let the neo-Communists take over and transform America and the world into one big country or something like that. Clearly Soros wants there to be global governance.

Here he is talking down the American economy, being as bearish and pessimistic as can be.

Here he is pretty much saying that the banks and the dollar are dead.

He's saying China will exit the recession first, and lead the world in growth. Interesting how he talks down America and talks up a brutal, murderous, human-rights-devoid, neo-Communist tyranny...

Funny how he won't admit that the "Progressive" Liberal Left, which he pretty much controls with his money, is the primary cause of the current recession via intimidating financial institutions to lend billions and billions to those who can't afford to pay the loans back. I suspect that this recession is of an intelligent design, years in the making.

And I point the finger at the Left.

Which George Soros controls with his money.

He said, among other things,

The system was "fundamentally flawed, and there is no returning to where we came from," he said.

Bullshit. It worked properly until the "Progressive" Liberal Left screwed it up! Forcing the banks to eventually become insolvent via forcing them to give loans to those who cannot repay them. Clever. That's the key to the recession. Who's responsible, well, you know, the justice system ought to investigate...

Yes we can return to where we were before the Left started destroying that which worked.

You see, the Left isn't "progressive". It's destructive.

George Soros, with red arrow pointing to him, doing something with his hand as Barack Hussein Obama says something and makes a cooly elegant gesture. What's in George's hand? A remote control? Damn, but Barack looks for all the world like some kind of televangelist or faith healer or motivational speaker or something, not a president. He doesn't sound like a president, either, but more like a mouthpiece for someone else.
A Manchurian Candidate, I say Obama is.
Just keep looking at the facts and make logical deductions based thereupon.