Friday, April 03, 2009

Hamas Now Has Chinese Rockets

Big shock. No surprise that the Chinese Communist regime, like the neoCommunist regime of Russia, is aiding terrorists hellbent on attacking Israel.

Birds of an evil feather... well, you know what I mean.

Which brings us to my expansion from that news item to the related, larger threat-environment analysis...

Clearly, the schmeckel Olmert pulled out too early. Should've finished the job to its climax. What a lot of wasted effort, wasted resources, just to send a useless message, pretty much like when Bill Clinton bombed a tent and maybe killed an innocent camel in Afghanistan to "send a message" to Osama bin Laden... You see, you don't "send a message" and expect any success therefrom. The enemy will merely wipe his ass with it! It's not good enough to take out the pawns, the lowly, expendable foot soldiers. You must take out the very bigwigs who brainwash, train and facilitate the pawns and send them to attack you. If you don't take out the bigwigs (all of them, including their allies, even of different ideological bents, even in other countries), then they'll simply send more expendable footsoldiers to get killed in combat against you, and this strategy is one of wearing you down so as to make you more vulnerable to a real war for which your enemy is no doubt preparing, like China and Russia, with their conventional and nuclear capabilities being amassed at a Hitlerian pace.

Unfortunately, it's becoming clearer and clearer that simply attacking geographical areas militarily isn't going to destroy the Islamist enemy. It's essential to combat Islam in other ways as well. Islamofascism must be eliminated by all means available, not just by taking out some of them in combat, because there'll be more to replace them. Therefore, the facilitators of the terrorism and underlying ideology of hatred and death must be targeted as well and eliminated. Yes, this means that we're in a Cold War in which our enemies are using Islamic proxies to slowly wear us down trying to fight conventionally that which is inconventional.

The current strategy of fighting terrorism is a failure, and will never work.

The only way to succeed against this new kind of enemy is to take out the root causes of it, and that is the radicals who indoctrinate people to hate and to kill, and the facilitators, such as China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, you name the Axis of Evil powers...

The root cause is two-fold: Radical Islamofascists and their state-based Islamist/neoCommunist enablers/facilitators. The actual terrorists are only pawns, essentially biological terminators without independent minds. To stop the terrorists from coming, wave after wave after wave, no matter how many are eliminated in combat, etc., we must stop those who create them. And I believe that that will be a major objective of the next World War.