Friday, April 03, 2009

CBC Again Makes Case For Own Abolition

CBC Crap Monster
The evil CBC Crap Monster strikes again!

The gosh-darned, Hard-Leftwing lunatic-infested Canadian Broadcasting Corporation does it again- unknowingly making the case for its abolition as a waster of our tax dollars... by
producing pure, unadulterated filth that has absolutely nothing to do with anything Canadian.

See, the Hard-Left controls the state broadcaster in Canada. Time to scrap it before it starts telling any more Big Lies...

The show was advertised as a "historical analysis of nursery rhymes". Since I had mentioned to my young daughter a number of times that many nursery rhymes were based on historical fact and were written as allegories of the events to prevent prosecution (I used different words with the child of course). Anyways, what was presented instead, was a panel of 'experts' that decided to do an analysis of all the failings and idiosyncrasies of the CHARACTERS themselves, such as;

- drug use
- homosexuality
- homophobia
- sadism
- pedophilia
and others.

Humorous, if advertised as such and played at a later hour than 8 p.m. To an audience of sociological leftist misfits that find a reason to hate all things.

Not so funny when your daughter is waiting to hear where nursery rhymes came from.

I turned the program off when they called Santa Claus an ASSHOLE. My daughter is still crying.

To state MUCH later (after the program) that it was all fun and games for "April Fools" is too little too late, damage done.

I go to sleep tonight praying with all my heart that the Canadian Government removes ALL funding from this leech on Canadian society.

Of course, the brain-numb "Progressive" Liberal Leftists will just laugh and say, keep the tax dollars flowing, for they just love crap like that for which other people pay so they can view. Well, I say, let's take it away from those bums! If they want to watch crap, they can pay to watch it, produced by the private sector, which also produces plenty of the stinky stuff, though at least we're not forced against our will to pay for it!

Hey, if it's ok to tell such offensive Big Lies like that... and only, in the very end, admit it's actually an April Fool's Big Lie, sorry, that doesn't make it ok at all. If it were to make it ok, then we can go around defaming asshats in a really nasty manner and making it ok by, at the very end of the defamation, saying, "Just kidding!".

I'm dismayed and pissed that my precious paycheck dollars are wasted on such horrible, disgusting piles of crap!