Thursday, April 08, 2010

Toronto Gay Parade Under Fire For Being Hateful

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Are a lot of gays actually anti-Israel/anti-Semite?  How do we know?  Do the extreme-seeming people who march in those parades represent the mainstream of the GLBT community? 
Certainly, hatred of Israel cannot have anything to do with a legitimate campaign for gay rights: Israel stands out as the only country in the Middle East where gay rights are respected on a par with other Western nations. Gay Pride rallies, for instance, are common in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities -- while the staging of such events in the Palestinian territories or any other part of the Arab world would almost certainly end in a bloodbath of dead gay paraders. If organizers cannot bring themselves to ensure participants keep their displays "on message," why should municipal, provincial or federal taxpayers have an obligation to foot the bill?

Indeed.  And why, also, do we all have to pay for those parades anyway?  Why doesn't the huge, wealthy gay community pay for it itself?  It's not fair that they get a taxpayer-funded parade, while I bet many groups would get laughed at if they asked for the same treatment.

Also, isn't it shocking how ignorant of reality so many gay folks apparently are?  Aren't they aware that in the Islamic World, including "Palestine", which they claim to love so much, their very kind of folks are not tolerated and are more likely to end up dead than be tolerated for being openly like they are?  Why hate Israel instead?  Israel, who guarantees equality for gay folks?  Why hate Israel?  Geez!  What proportion of the gay community is this stupid and ignorant?  Do the stupid and ignorant folks speak for the whole?  How do we know?  Perhaps, if the mainstream of the gay community isn't like those extremists in the parades, then they should publicly stand up and say so, and affirm their support for gay-friendly Israel and their condemnation of gay-intolerant "Palestine"!  C'mon, let's hear y'all roar!  Get some integrity, some credibility, and more people than ever before will respect you!  Real respect is earned the hard way, not coerced by law, after all.
Last year Pride Toronto received $175,000 from Toronto City Council, not including $85,000 for extra police and $81,000 to have civic workers clean up the streets afterwards.

...and that despite governmental fiscal difficulties?!  Why are we paying for so many things, such as this, that aren't necessary services?  Priorities, priorities...

That's a lot of money to have a bunch of folks walking down the street.  I don't see the point.  I don't mind if they want to have a parade, but why put the cost burden onto the taxpayers?  Really, I don't consider personal-lifestyle-related parades to be a public good.
Let participants in the parade say whatever they wish. But if they insist on saying or doing hateful things, let them do it on their own dime.

And I'd suggest that, for a change, if any gay folks say hateful stuff, then the "Human Rights" Commissions should go after them, which they've never done for members of that particular group.  Not going to happen, though, as we know that the HRCs are biased in favor of this particular group and biased against anyone belonging to groups not in favor with the GLBT movement.

Please... no double standards.  I don't care how people live their lives... but they should be held to the same standards, and not unfairly favored or disfavored by the state.  Obey the laws, the rules, etc., like everyone else has to, and you'll be all right.  But act like you're entitled to publicly behave in whatever way you wish, be it civil or uncivil, legal or criminal, fully funded by the taxpayers, well, sorry, but that's NOT what "equality" means at all!


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