Thursday, April 08, 2010

Democrats Caught Attending Islamic Supremacist Event

(ht: Occidental Soapbox, via email)

The Mosque in question is tied to terrorists, including the Fort Hood terrorist.

If it had been a "Church" infamously tied to folks like Tim McVeigh (not that the guy was a Christian, certainly not a real one, anyway, just a really crazy, evil guy, basically, mostly acting alone, as far as we know, but then again, this is a thought experiment), then, if Republicans or Tea Party representatives had attended any kind of event there, then we can rest assured they'd be exposed all over the Big Media Networks who won't let up until they're forced to resign.

Besides, isn't it still a crime to associate with known terror-supporting/fomenting organizations and stuff like that?  Hello, OPTICS?  Don't they know how it'll look, politically, to be seen schmoozing with the sort of folks who schmoozed with the Fort Hood terrorist and other terrorists/supremacists?  Are these people insane, or just astonishingly uninformed/ignorant?  Or are they corrupted with evil without realizing it, thinking that they're being nice, rubbing elbows with any and all Muslims, even arguably potentially terror-tied ones, just to show that they "don't dislike Muslims"?  Such sort of people once upon a time actually schmoozed with Nazis, just to show that they "didn't dislike Germans"... of course, they were doing business with Nazi Germany then, as they do business with Red China today, and don't want to offend their business partners, 'cause, hey, it's a very profitable relationship, and, hey, the Almighty Buck is their "god" (besides the Almighty Obama, of course).

Hey, why don't they schmooze with high-profile/controversial Christians and Jews, including Zionists/Israel supporters (like myself, admittedly), just to show the world that they "don't hate Christians/Jews"?  Oh, but they figure that they only need to be nice to Muslims... dunno why, except that I'd surmise that they actually hate Christians and Jews and submit to Muslims?  Who knows what's going on in those Demmy politicians' screwed-up heads, if anything at all?

Oh, and I guarantee that the corrupt, dhimmi Big Media will NOT tell us anything about this.

Nothing to see here.  After all, the supremacists and terrorist-supporters are... special, protected Muslims.  And those who visited them are... special, protected Democrats who worship Obama, himself born a Muslim and who is ordering the national security state apparati to stop talking about any threat from Islamic Supremacists, even though we know that the threat from such folks is greater than the threat from any other group, except for, perhaps, the Chinese Communist Party, which enjoys similar protection in the Big Media from the inconvenient truth about its infinite evil and inhumanity, not to mention its world domination/mass-extermination of non-Chinese races plans... as I've blogged about previously, with links to openly-admitted evidence straight from the (General Chi Hoatian) source.

Nothing to see here.  Expect the Big Media to, instead of doing their job, help the Obamacrats to spread the massive defamation smear of "racism" against the American People, just because they disagree with the policies and agenda of Obama and the Democrats.

If Hitler and the Nazis were around today, and if the Democrats were meeting them, all pleasant and happy-like, well, seeing from history (back then the world didn't see Hitler as a bad guy, believe it or not), they'd again be protected by the Big Media, Nazis and Democrats alike, from the inconvenient truth, the anti-Semitism covered up (what massive-scale Jew-extermination plans being drawn up by Hitler's Muslim bum buddy Haj Amin Al-Husseini, incidentally Yasser Arafat's uncle?), the unprecedented, apparently-needless military-amassing of Hitler downplayed as "nothing to worry about"...

Yup.  History is repeating itself, because a lot of folks never learned from it!

Be aware.  There's stuff going on out there in the open... of which we're not being informed by those whose job, theoretically, is to tell us all about it.  And this stuff, well, it can only lead to horrific things in the future.  History proves it.  The warning signs being ignored, followed by massive, anthropogenic human-life catastrophe.

Never mind Al Gore's horror stories about the weather/climate.  It's a distraction based on pure hoaxery by corrupt "scientists", by people who don't want to worry about the things that can be observably proven and easily understood by the General Public.

And a note to those who want to use only a tiny bit of their brain power and who would say to me, "Why do you hate Muslims?", hey, I'd ask, do you say to those Leftists and those Big Media people, "Why do you hate Christians, Jews, America, Israel, the Tea Party...?".  Gimme a break... I do NOT "hate" Muslims per se at all.  I only hate supremacists, be they Islamic or "white" or whatever, who demonstrably plot to kill many people and attempt to take over the world... or at least any number of Free World countries, including America.

Besides, where's the Leftist/Big Media outrage over Putin/Medvedev's declarations such as "scrape them out of the sewer/destroy them", with respect to Islamic Supremacist terrorists in Russia?  Where's the Leftist/Big Media handwringing fears about "anti-Muslim backlash" in Russia?  Why is the Evil Empire, the de-facto leader of the Axis of Evil, getting away with its rhetoric and apparent plans to practice "racial profiling" in its own domestic war on terror?  Is this "nothing-to-see-here" attitude borne of the same mental disorder which protected Hitler and the Nazis from the inconvenient truth and allowed them to proceed with their evil plans without being inconvenienced by exposure and criticism from concerned, influential folks?

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Jen said...

Nine liberal mps attended a vigil for a tamil-ltte-tigers terrorist leader which the MSM kept very quiet from the public. I found this information on National Post.
Even Sri-Lanka government knows about and yet not canadians.

At least the american media (good ones who care about their country) informs the public of what took place in this case which will eventually be heard on FOXMEDIA.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I knew of those Liberals and the LTTE, as well.

Anonymous said...

Note: The Falls Church City sign in the video is incorrectly associated with this Mosk and the fund raising event. While the City of Falls Church is inside Fairfax County the Mosk of infamy has a Falls Church postal code and is not within the city limits.
On a lighter note:

Got Islam? ... I do.

Islamic Saudi Academy - 2.57 miles away
11121 Popes Head Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030 US
Islamic Center Northern Va - 1.79 miles away
4420 Shirley Gate Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030 US
Islamic Heritage Center - 4.43 miles away
262 Cedar Ln SE # A3, Vienna, VA 22180 US
Islamic Center-Northern Va Inc - 6.15 miles away
3902 Longstreet Ct, Annandale, VA 22003 US
School of Islamic Sufism MTO - 6.53 miles away
3604 Terrace Dr, Annandale, VA 22003 US
Washington Islamic Academy - 8.37 miles away
6666 Commerce St, Springfield, VA 22150 US
Washington Islamic Academy - 8.61 miles away
6408 Edsall Rd # 1, Alexandria, VA 22312 US
Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center - 8.7 miles away
3159 Row St, Falls Church, VA 22044 US
Islamic Relief - 11.74 miles away
3655 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304 US

I think I need relief.
This is why Fairfax County reps. attended, Money & Votes!! They are corruptocrats and they don't care to make a stand. ∞ ≠ ΓΈ ☺

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Detached houses: $695,641
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