Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Liberal Obsession With Guergis Actually Helping PM, Tories

The Liberals are so busy toddling and whining about Helena Guergis that they're unable to pay any attention to stuff that actually matters, and they're also not bothering to try to go after PM Stephen Harper, either.

So it's a good thing, actually.
Why, after all this bad press, is Helena Guergis still in Cabinet?   I’m starting to think that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has decided that her value as a distraction is greater than her cost as a liability.  Afghan detainees?  Seat redistribution?  Who cares?  The Guergis Circus is in town!  And the Liberals are falling all over themselves to keep the show going – which keeps other more important issues out of question period, and off the front page.

Now the Liberals want an inquiry, paid for by the taxpayers, into how Ms. Guergis bought her house.  Oh, ferfecksake!
This wouldn't be the first time Mr. Harper has turned the tables on the opposition; on this issue, they are now running like lemmings over the proverbial cliff.  While Canadians may not care about Ms. Guergis' finances, they will care about spending taxpayers' money on what is fast becoming a witch-hunt.  The Liberals should be careful how they play this story, or it's their own political capital they will end up spending.
Let the Liberals carry on as such.  Heh.  Hosers 'n' losers!

Something's not right with the Liberal brain, obviously.  They've pretty much lost it, lost their political smarts.  They're toast from now on... toast!

Guess getting rid of Warren Kinsella and bringing in Peter Donolo didn't make one ounce of difference.  They're still on the pot, waiting and hoping in vain...  Ah, but Kinsella and Donolo are dinosaurs from the Chretien era.  They're trying to operate as if it was still circa 1993-2005.  Living in the past and denying the new realities of the world guarantees that that's where one will remain.

Doesn't matter who leads or who runs the propaganda ops.  The Liberal Party as an institution is itself a dinosaur.  It's also so corrupt and unpalatable for so many Canadians that unless it's completely overhauled from the constitutional grassroots on up, it might as well fold.

Liberalism is supposed to be about real libertarianism, about freedom, etc.  But Liberals think that being "liberal" means being "progressive", which actually means neo-communist.  And that's what Liberals are... neo-communists.


ward said...

CS I seem to remember 3-4 years ago that Peter Milliken was involved in a suspicious land deal in buying a neighboring property in Kingston.

I cannot seem to find any info on it. Do you happen to remember?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I don't recall that, but it wouldn't surprise me. Liberals are always doing stuff like that. Paul Martin and CSL, very suspicious, blogged about it, but Big Media ignored facts.

Might as well see if I can dig up anything.

Reminds me... Frank McKenna, as NB Premier, banned radar detectors, and then was pulled over while operating one. Looked for any news reports via Google, and found nothing. But I remember.

Jen said...

You will be the next one for the liberals to investigate. Especially those who have denied them of votes particularly the 'once' liberal voter.

The LPOC has suffered a 'MELTDOWN' they are frantic, their media is also afraid of their own shadow they have surrender their lives to the liberal party to do their dirty work. Not one of those entrapped reporters will be able to get out without being harassed by the liberals and other reporters.
Oh yeah, forgot to include this 'the national media' are going through a 'MELTDOWN' as well.

BTW. did you see the graph by OACD oecd(one of the two can't remember which one) showing where canada is in the world?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Nope, didn't see that graph so far. Busy day, it's been.

Nate said...

Adventures of Rahim and Helena

KEvron said...


and certainly none for being wrong, eh, scenty?

i'm sure the liberals will be glad to lend further help if you clowns need it. lol!