Friday, April 09, 2010

Left-Wing Racists Attack Tea Party

Story here.
Ms Kempt is a product of the democrat’s and liberal mainstream media’s relentless attempts to portray the Tea Party movement as racist. I guarantee you that this ignorant, vicious woman has never attended a tea party. Her email is typical of the intolerance and hate I receive from the left in response to my columns and my participation in the Tea Party movement. The left hates minorities who do not view themselves as victims and love their country.
The hypocrisy coming from the Obama-Democrat side is nothing short of staggering.

After all, the Democrats are the party of the KKK, segregation and all that terrible stuff.

Just like in the days of the Klan, Democrat supporters are attacking blacks for refusing to support the Democratic Party.

Have Leftists no shame, no realization that they're being total douchebags?

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Jen said...

The emails are a sign of fear that they DEM and media are losing ground and the only way to recapture what they are losing is to put the 'fear of life' on people who don't follow them.

We have that same problem here.