Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Canucks Finger SinoCommie Spies

Story here.

No doubt the Communist Party is happy to have all these spies and thieves doing their evil, criminal bidding.

I may have, at one time, been affected by them or someone like them, seeing as there was, for a time, suspicious, unexplanable, but ultimately benign, unauthorized activity related to this blog, but if so, their access/presence has been cleansed by me.  Wasn't easy at all, but I got rid of 'em.

Those guys are good.  Don't know how they do it, but they sure are determined to terrorize us Free Worlders.

Pathetic losers, they are, by the way.  They'll never know freedom.  They'll never know that they have human rights but that the Communist Party is denying them these rights, that they're owned by the Communist Party, as if livestock.  So if they continue to do the bidding of the Commies who don't care about them anyway, then they're losers.  Pathetic losers.  And it's their own doing/undoing.  How pathetic.  And they think they're somehow superior?  Such delusion!

Of course, they DO have the option of saying "no" to the Communist Party.   Already over seventy million Chinese have renounced the ruling Party.

Freedom will one day come to China.  And the Communist Party will be eliminated.  The Chinese People will soon take their country back from the clutches of the Satanic Commies.

Up yours, Chinese Communist Party!

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