Monday, March 08, 2010

Socialized HealthScare Stories: Help, Police! Water, Please!

It was so bad in the British socialized medicine system that a young man was forced to call the cops just so he could get a drink of water!

They didn't, either, give him the medication they said he needed to take or else he'd die.
'They were lazy, careless and hadn't bothered to check his charts and see his medication was essential.'

This cavalier uncaringness and refusal to do their job actually sounds familiar to me...

It's heartbreaking what they did to him.  They literally killed him by denying him water.

They should all be sued for criminally negligent homicide, if not for conspiracy to commit murder via deliberate negligence.

It sounds like they're evil or something...

They just didn't care at all.  At all.

And I'd warn that it's happening in Canada.  It's my strong suspicion given what I've personally witnessed.

There's something wrong with the minds of many "healthcare" workers in socialized systems.

This is why we need a two-tier system.  Why force this torture-to-death onto people "in the name of equality" and "in the name of the Canada Health Act"?

Socialized-only medicine can be extraordinarily inhuman.  One would only expect such things to happen in, say, North Korea or Iran.

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