Friday, March 26, 2010

Tories Already Moving To Curb Lib Fascist Star Chambers

 Biggest three of those places to be shut down!
Good news for freedom of expression!
Still, shoe-on-other-foot-now-style, a certain F. A. Houle will be hauled before one of the remaining ones...

Good news for freedom of expression and for our Charter rights and freedoms!

Though perhaps bad timing and a little inconvenient for Ann Coulter, who's filing a human rights complaint against an  F. A. Houle from the "University of Zero" for his prejudicial, bigoted, hateful, hurtful comments to her before she even came to the country and said a single word?

Of course, only the biggest three (which together hear most of the complaints) Star Chambers are going to be shut down.  There's still others.

I see the PSAC is opposed to the shutdowns, saying it'll make it harder for "marginalized groups" to launch complaints.  (Funny... I didn't know that the PSAC was an extreme left-wing political propaganda organization... I thought it was a civil servants' labor union... guess not anymore... now it looks little different from the corrupt, extreme-left-wing, sometimes violent ACORN/SEIU in America)

I guess the PSAC therefore supports Ms. Coulter, who's obviously a member of two of the most marginalized groups of all:  Conservatives and Christians.  And being a woman, too, makes her all the more marginalized, because, obviously, "progressives" especially hate conservatives and Christians who are also women.  Like, the sexist progs think, "how dare a woman think and speak like that?"... No one is more hated by "progressives" than people belonging to specially-exalted-by-"progressives" identifiable groups... who are outspokenly conservative and politically incorrect.  Ann Coulter could be a lesbian Muslim with a really good tan, too, and walking with a cane, and she'd still be as reviled by the progs because she doesn't obediently, submissively adhere to political correctness.  It's not about whether one is a "minority" or not... it's really about the supremacy of extreme left-wing socialism and tyranny.

Hmm.  Could this shuttering of some Star Chambers be related to the imminent HR complaint by Ann Coulter against that nasty F. A. Houle of UZero?  Do the Conservatives finally feel safe to do this, now that they can say to the progs, "Well, if you support the HRCs, then you therefore support Ann Coulter and her human rights and right to say whatever she wants, and everyone elses' right to say whatever they want, even if it offends people belonging to whatever group."...

The Big Media and the progs are going to have a hard time explaining themselves on the HRCs vis-a-vis the surprise move by Coulter to haul an F. A. Houle before the Star Chamber.  Perhaps the Big Media and the progs will now... shut up, because their big mouths are their new biggest enemies?

Enjoying the show and the ironies...


Jen said...

Time to get out of the closset conservatives, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

CS, in the National post yesterday a professor of UoWaterloo wants, ROCK, HOULE WOLFE releived of their jobs.
I guess others professors don't want to be painted with the same brush as those in UoO.

Have you heard, professors not all of them of UoRegina, do not want children of fallen soldiers to get a scholarship.

Glenn Beck was on the media's case yesterday-man, was he angry.

HRC? what HRC? we don't have one- Ezra seems to be the only one who speaks for the unfortunate ones who are actually ignored by the HRC.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Haven't heard that about the U Regina profs. It's astonishing.

Ah, but while the HRC won't help us regular, non-special, non-chosen folks, what Ezra and Ann are doing is trying to force exposure of this truth.

It's going to be telling whether the HRC will dismiss the complaint with a lame excuse, or be fair and hear it without demanding evidence. If they're fair, then they'll find the F. A. Houle guilty of spreading hatred and contempt which actually led to more of the same, and almost even violence.

Most of us-- well, let's grab a beer and a bag of popcorn and watch and issue our 2 cents' worth every now and then... Wouldn't it be awesome if we got to watch the whole thing on TV? Why not televise the HRC proceedings? What are they hiding, eh? Their corruption?

I believe that all HRC proceedings should be televised from now on, just so we can see whether the HRCs are adhering to the Charter, to rules of evidence, and respecting everyone's rights equally. I've plenty of reason to believe that they're generally secret/untelevised proceedings because none of the above is true and they're hiding it.

Funny how the Left cares more about the rights of Al Qaeda-linked folks than of regular Canadians!

Watcher said...

Jen. I read about the University of Regina online in the National Post. These profs were offended because in their esteemed opinion, scholarships to the children of the fallen 'militarized' education. I don't believe there were any history professors among the protesters because they could have told them that the freedom they enjoy to make complete asses of themselves was paid for by our military.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Turns out that the Tories have nothing to do with the closures after all.

The CHRC itself said so. They themselves are responsible.

Their budget is now fixed, so they've got to find ways to save money. So...

And the PSAC is clearly fullashit. It's become the Canadian arm of the SEIU, pretty much. They're all ultra-political, and non-representative of the workers they're supposed to represent. Shame. Pity.