Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ah... Again an outlet of the Media of Mass Deception is treating a Conservative unfairly.

How many times have we seen the MMD refer to a Leftist politician as "hard-left"?  Franky, I can't recall.  They'll do it anytime to non-leftists, however:
Anders, a controversial, hard-right MP, plays a key role in the party's strategy, says Constantinidis. Anders campaigns in other ridings, helps campaign organizers across the country and keeps a phone bank used in other ridings.
So it immediately struck me as hostile, unfair and terribly partisan for Sheila Pratt of the Edmonton Journal to slur Conservative Rob Anders as "hard-right".  Sure, Anders is a very outspoken dude who tends to cause pretty much everyone some consternation with his unusual positions on stuff, but unless the MMD is willing to call hard-left politicians "hard-left", then they're being unfair and unbalance in attaching the label "hard-right" to the handful of really-outspoken Conservatives out there.  Not that they restrict themselves to the outspoken ones when affixing that slur, anyway.

No doubt about it- former NDP MP, jewel thief, gleeful handshaker/moral supporter of the world's evildoers, Christianophobe and Israelophobe, Svend Robinson, a guy prone to unhinged fits of irrational rage, was never referred to the MMD as "hard-left", as far as I can recall.  Hmm.  Indicative of ideological-brethren protection on the part of the MMD?

Besides, the MMD doesn't even know what "right" means.  They believe it means "politically incorrect" and "not-mainstream".   That's dumb.  Plenty of leftists are politically incorrect, and the left as a whole is not mainstream.  So... hmm...

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